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An energy conservation promotional activity held in Guiyang (2017-06-12)  
The press conference of Eco Forum Global 2017 held in Guiyan... (2017-06-07)  
Blockchain technology heralds 'new era' of finance and manag... (2017-06-01)  
Guizhou released a white paper on big data development at th... (2017-06-01)  
Top 10 black technologies released at the Big Data Expo 2017 (2017-05-29)  
More than 16 billion yuan worth of sales and deals sealed at... (2017-05-28)  
The China International Big Data Industry Expo 2017 kicked o... (2017-05-27)  
A new general solution for the open sharing of government da... (2017-05-24)  
'1+1+3+N' top-level cybersecurity design planned to resist h... (2017-05-23)  
The China E-commerce Innovation Development Summit to be hos... (2017-05-15)  
Guiyang holds a lecture highlighting the importance of quali... (2017-05-12)  
Data opening a core topic at Guiyang expo (2017-04-28)  
'Green channel' for top foreign talent to be opened in Guizh... (2017-04-24)  
Guiyang's GDP reached 60 billion yuan with 11.4% growth in f... (2017-04-18)  
Guiyang supports blockchain's application development (2017-04-14)  
Golden Stand, JD join forces to improve asset management sys... (2017-04-10)  
12 demonstration sites for the employment of disabled people... (2017-04-06)  
The press conference of the first China International Big Da... (2017-03-31)  
Guiyang held its first vertical marathon (2017-03-27)  
Guiyang is flush with bright spring flowers (2017-03-21)  
Administrative Divis...
 In 2006, Guiyang was divided into 6 urban districts, one city, 3 counties, 1 high-tech industry dev...
Geographic Location
Sitting from 106°07′ to '107°17′east longitude and from 26°11′to27°22′ north latitude, Guiyang neigh...
Historical Transform...
During the Spring and Autumn Period, Guiyang was originally under the jurisdiction of Zangke Country...
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