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Mineral resources

52 kinds of minerals have been discovered in Guiyang including coal, iron, silicon, barite, marble, refractory clay, bauxite, phosphorus, sulfur, mercury ores and other mineral resources. The reserve of bauxite is 430 million tons, accounting for one-fifth of the total of the country and the mineral deposits mainly concentrate in Xiuwen County and Qingzhen City. All together there are nine super, large and medium-sized deposits, among which Maochang Bauxite Mine in Qingzhen City is a well-known super mine inChina with a reserve of 150 million tons. Aluminum of the mine is of high grade as the average aluminum oxide content is about 70% while the average iron content is less than 5% and the ratio of aluminum and silicon is 7.87 on average. With 464 million tons of phosphorus ore, Guiyang is one of the three phosphorus mining bases in China. Moreover, over 70% of high-quality phosphorus ore of China concentrates in Guiyang. There is 900 million tons of coal reserve distributing over "the three counties and one city" as well as three suburban areas. There are 23.96 million tons of iron ore, 28.78 million tons of pyrite as well as 2683 tons of mercury (metal content) in Guiyang.