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Aha Reservoir


  Aha Reservoir is located on the upper reaches of Xiaoche River --- the tributary of Nanming Riverwhich belongs to Wujiang River system. It is 8 kilometers from the city center with an area of 190 square kilometers under control of the dam site. The reservoir was designed in April, 1958. The construction started in August the same year, and the first phase of the project was completed in June 1960.

  The dam is built of homogeneous earth with the maximum dam height of 37.5 meters, the dam crest length is 133.0 meters while the dam crest height is 1114.50 meters, checked flood level 1113.5 meters, total storage capacity 72 million cubic meters, designed flood level 1113.50 meters, normal storage water level 1110.00 meters and the corresponding storage capacity 54.2 million cubic meters, the water level of flood control restrictions 1109.00 meters for the main flood season, (the corresponding storage capacity is 49.5 million cubic meters), 1110.00 meters after the flood season, (the corresponding storage capacity is 54.2 million cubic meters ). The reservoir is designed to prevent big floods once in one hundred years with a calibrated water level against flood once in two millennia, and to defend the dam if huge floods arrives once in ten thousand years. The reservoir is a medium-sized reservoir mainly dealing with urban water supply and flood control. During the flood season it dams up and stores the water in Xiaoche River, the tributary of Nanming River, so as to ease the flood pressure in urban areas. Meanwhile, the reservoir is one of major source of water supplies in Guiyang city.