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Huaxi Reservoir


  [Huaxi Reservoir] is located at the Huaxi section of the upstream of Nanming River. It is within Huaxi District of Guiyang, its downstream being only 3km away from Huaxi and 20kmfrom downtown Guiyang. The drainage area under control of the dam site is 315km2. The Reservoir was initially constructed in July 1958; the dam was completed in July 1959; water storage started in June 1960, and power generation began in June 1962. From 2002 to 2003, the Reservoir dam was backfilled and made higher, the overflow spillway was modified and strike-resistant treatment was finished. In addition, new flood discharge tunnels were built, and anti-seepage curtain grouting, dam safety monitoring facilities and supportive works were completed. The Wusong Elevation System, moreover, originally adopted by Huaxi Reservoir was changed into the Huanghai Elevation System, and the conversion relationship between them is: Huanghai Elevation = Wusong Elevation – 2.6m.

  The Huaxi Reservoir is 51.6m at its highest point with the concrete solid gravity dam. The dam top is 384m long, and elevation of the dam top is 1,146.00m. The normal impounded level of the Reservoir is 1,140.00m, and the corresponding capacity is 23 million m3. The anti-flood restricting level is 1,137.90m, and the corresponding capacity is 20 million m3. The designed and calibrated flood water levels are respectively 1,142.1m and 1,145.00m. The total reservoir capacity is 31.40 million m3 with effective (adjusting) capacity of 20 million m3. The anti-flood capacity is 11.40 million m3. The designed standard for flood control is for resisting flood once in a hundred years with a calibrated water level against flood once in a thousand years. The anti-flood capacity reaches the criterion of possible maximum flood.