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Baihua Reservoir


  Baihua Reservoir is the Tier II waterpower project of the Maotiaohe River Chain Power Stations. The drainage area under control of the dam site is 1,895km2. It is of comprehensive benefits of supplying water for industrial and living purpose, aquaculture, etc. The project was launched in 1960, and the sluice gate was put down for water storage in December 1965. The first machine set was put into operation in June 1966 and the project was completed the end of the same year. It is now managed by Hongfeng General Power Plant which is under supervision of Guizhou Provincial Administration of Power Industry. 

  Being 48.70m high, the dam was the reinforcing bar sloping core rock fill dam. Inside the bank-type plant building were two original machine units, one of 10,000kw and the other of 12,000kw. The designed average annual power generation was 80.4 million Kwh, and the energy index check result was 61.7 million Kwh in 1989.

  The modification of No.l Machine Set was completed in February 1992, and the capacity was expanded to 12,000kw, namely the installed gross capacity reached 24,000kw.

  The designed standard for flood control of the Reservoir was originally for resisting flood once in a hundred years with a calibrated water level against flood once in a thousand years. Three-hole breast wall overflow spillway was built. The designed and calibrated flood water levels were respectively 1,195m and1,195.6m. The total reservoir capacity was 191 million m3 with capacity of annual adjustment. In 1978, flood-resisting reinforcement was designed based on the criteria of resisting flood once in a hundred years and calibrated water level against flood once in ten thousand years. Supplementary initial design was completed in 1986. In 1987 and 1988 respectively, all anti-flood reinforcement projects were completed, like making the primary and secondary dams by 1.52m higher, expanding the 2-hole overflow spillway, and so on. The maximum dam at present is 50.22m high, and the total holes of spillway reach 5. The designed and calibrated flood water levels validated at the beginning of 1992 were respectively1,194.82m and 1,197.42m, and the reservoir gross capacity became 220.82 million m3.