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Irrigation and Water Conservancy Projects

Guiyang is situated at the watershed of the Yangtze River Basin and the Pearl River Basin. There are 98 small and big rivers inside Guiyang, among which the Wujiang Riverpasses the west and north of the City, and the Qingshui River and the upstream of NanmingRiver go through downtown Guiyang from west to east. The amount of average annual water resource of the City as a whole is 4.5 billion m3. The average annual amount of water available per capita is 1,260m3. Guiyang is home to 3 large reservoirs: Dongfeng, Hongfeng and Baihua, and additionally, a large portion of Wujiangdu Reservoir is located in the region, too. Five medium-sized reservoirs like Ah’ha, Songbaishan, Huaxi, etc. and over 160 small reservoirs have been constructed in Guiyang. These reservoirs scatter along rivers and beatify the scenery. The total water storage capacity exceeds 2 billion m3. The artificial lake with an area of 57.6km2 formed on Hongfeng Lake Reservoir of the Maotiao River is a scenic spot famous all over the country. Hongfeng Lake, Huaxi River and BaihaiLake are all known as the “plateau pearls”. The waterpower cascade development of MaotiaoRiver is the paradigm for development of small basins in China. There are more than 5,000 irrigation and water conservancy projects around the City, playing an important role in water supply, irrigation, flood resistance, power generation, aquaculture, tourism, and the like. They are the foundation for economic and social developments of Guiyang.