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Songbaishan Reservoir

    Songbaishan Reservoir is located in the upper reaches of Nanming River which belongs to Wujiang water system of the Yangtze River valley. The drainage area under control of the dam site is 139 square kilometers. The project was launched in 1958, and the sluice gate was put down for water storage in July, 1980. The reservoir is of concrete double arch dam. The dam is 52.5 meters at its highest point; the arch of dam top is 120.6m long, and elevation of the dam top is 1,181.00m. The total storage capacity is 47.60 million m3 with effective (profitable) capacity 32.4 million m3 . The anti-flood restricting level is1,176.00m with the corresponding capacity 37 million m3 in flood season while the anti-flood restricting level in second flood season is 1178.00m with the corresponding capacity 42 million m3. The designed standard for flood control is for resisting flood once in a hundred years with a calibrated water level against flood once in a thousand years. The reservoir is built with flood discharge tunnel with maximum discharge capacity of 251 m3  per second and the overflow spillway (three holes) on the dam top with relative elevation 1180.00m. The reservoir blocks and stores water of the trunk stream of Nanming River and eases the anti-flood pressure of Huaxi Reservoir in the lower reach and it is also of comprehensive benefits of city water supply, irrigation and aquiculture and etc.