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Wujiangdu Reservoir


  Wujiangdu Reservoir is the waterpower project on the trunk stream of the Wujiang River. The drainage area under control of the dam site is 27,790 square kilometers. The project was launched in 1970, and the sluice gate was put down for water storage on November 20, 1983. The first machine set was put into operation on December 27 of 1979 and the project was completed at the end of 1983. It is now managed by Wujiangdu Power Plant which is under supervision of Guizhou Wujiang Waterpower Development Corporation.

  The dam is 165 meters at its highest point, and it is the arch gravity dam. Behind the dam is the totally enclosed plant building installed with three machine units, each being 210 thousand Kw. The designed average annual power generation is 3,340 million Kwh, and the energy index check result was 2,906 million Kwh in 1989.

  The designed standard for flood control of the Reservoir is for resisting flood once in five hundreds years with a calibrated water level against flood once in five thousands years. Overflow measures include flood discharge tunnel on each side, six-hole overflow spillway on the dam top and two flood and sand discharging holes on the dam body. The designed and calibrated flood water levels are 760.3m and 762.8 mrespectively. The total reservoir capacity is 2,300 million m3 with capacity of seasonal adjustment.