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Construction and Protection of Forest Belt around City

The first forest belt around city was initially built in 1954, 17 km in width and 71 km in length, covering an area of 9066.67 hectares. The construction of the second forest belt was formulated and planned in 2001 and was launched in 2002. The belt will be 513 km in width and 304 km in length, covering an area of 214,700 hectares, among which 20,000 hectares will be new plantation. Within the belt, an ecology theme park, which features bamboo, plum tree, yulan magnolia, oriental cherry, osmanthus and apricot tree, is to be built. By the end of 2003, an area of 9,260 hectares of new plantation had been completed and 6,253 hectares of artificial hill-closure for afforestation had been conducted.