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Qingyan Keteleeria Conservancy


  Qingyan Keteleeria Conservancy is located in Qingyan Town and Qiantao Township in Huaxi District of Guiyang. Officially approved in July, 2001, it was set up on the basis of the Qingyan .Keteleeria Conservation Site in Huaxi District. At present, the amount of living Qingyan Keteleeria in the world is about 9000. According to the characteristics of the spatial distribution of the protection subject, Guiyang Qingyan Keteleeria Conservancy Administration, in cooperation with Beijing Forestry Engineering Consultating Company, formulated the Overall Planning of Qingyan Keteleeria Conservancy of Guiyang and adjusted the conservancy area to 159,397mu. The Hexi village team of Taoqian Village, Taoqian Townshipwhere there are clear water, green mountains and favorable ecology, was chosen to be the natural reproduction base of Qingyan Keteleeria.