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Natural Forest Protection Project


  Since the start of the Natural Forest Protection Project in 1998, the one city, three counties and six districtsadministrated by Guiyang Municipality have been the enforcement body of the project. By the end of 2003, the total input on the project made by the Central Government was 59,589,000 Yuan, among which 220,280,000 Yuan were appropriated as the forest management and protection fund. 2,173 maintenance personnel were assigned, 1,087 stone tablets and plates of various types concerning forest protection were set up; meanwhile 2.38 million Yuan was invested on the fire-fighting infrastructure, thus bringing the 28,333 hectares of forest resources under effective protection. A sum of 16,218,000 Yuan was input on seedling project for carrying out reconstruction and expansion in Guiyang Central Nursery, Forestry Seedling Inspection Station, Changpoling Seedling Base, Yanglongsi Seedling Garden in Xifeng County and Nursery Garden in Kaiyang so that the production quality and capacity of forestry seedling of Guiyang were improved and the seedlings for the enforcement of various forestry key projects were then ensured. 37,691 hectares of public welfare forest were completed, increasing the forest coverage by 3.8%; a sum of 4,424,000 Yuan was spent on the public institutions of the state-owned forestry farm and forestry enterprises, settlement of surplus staff as well as the social overall planning of pension assurance. One-shot settlement included 12 people; surplus staff settlement involved 224 people, while the rate of pension assurance enlistment was 93%, settling the problems  that might hinder the development of the state-owned forestry farm and forestry enterprises and maintaining the social security and stability of the forestry area.