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Project of Forest Rehabilitation from Farmland

  Guiyang launched the pilot practice of rehabilitating forest from farmland in Qingzhen in 2000, and the citywide project began in 2002which involved seven districts(city and counties) including Baiyun, Wudang, Qingzhen, Xiuwen, Kaiyang, Xifeng and Huaxi as well as 76 townships(towns), 605 villages and 56,682 farming households. In four years, 19.5 million Yuan of seedling subsidy fund was appropriated; 51,325,500 kilograms of subsidy grain and 7.141 million Yuan of subsidy cash were granted. In sum, 26,000 hectares of forest rehabilitation was completed, among which an area of 13,333 hectares is forest converted from farmland and 12,667 hectares forest planted on suitable barren hills. After formation, the forest coverage of Guiyang will be increased by 3.2%.