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Survey of Xinxin Ping-pong Club in Yunyan District (picture)

    Founded in 1997,Xinxin Ping-pong Club has become a comprehensive Ping-pong clubwhich possesses two courts, more than 20 tables, and more than ten coaches after more than 10 years’ development.

  The club mainly undertakes training for teenagers and exercising for the elderly, and hosting various Ping-pong games and promotion activities. The club’s head coach Mr. Yang had participated in many games of national, provincial and municipal levels and won championship for many times. Moreover, he was honored with the Senior Coach Certificate, National First-grade Referee Certificate as well as National First-grade Community Sport Instructor Certificate.

  Xinxin Ping-pong Club Opening Hours: every Monday to Sunday 8:30 - 21: 30

  Xinxin Ping-Pong Club Charging Standard:

  120 RMB /per table/ per hour

  2Ping-pong training for teenagers (small class) 300 RMB/per month/twice a week

  3Ping-pong training for teenagers (large class) 200RMB/ per month/twice a week

  4The elderly citizen exercise month ticket: 100 RMB / month

  5The elderly citizen exercise season ticket: 270 RMB/per season

  6The elderly citizen exercise year ticket: 960 RMB/per year.

  Address: Yan’an East Road, next to the Foreign Languages Bookstore of Guizhou Province, 11th floor of theBuilding of Anta Franchised Store.

  Contact number: 88707304