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Introduction to Guiyang Cultural Performance Center

    Established in March 1987, Guiyang Cultural Performance Center (Guiyang Performance Company), with a staff of 32 people, is a public institution affiliated to Guiyang Culture Bureau. Proactively adapting ourselves to the development of market economy and expanding our business on an all-round basis, we have made great achievements and won the title of advanced unit within the cultural system of Guiyang for many times. The quality and quantity of performance teams introduced by us have been in the lead in GuizhouProvince. We have built up the framework focusing on Guiyang and radiating the Province as a whole, thus appreciated by the people and praised by government leaders at all levels.

  In recent years, we have introduced, brought about and organized more than 100 performances in total which are detailed as follows: large-scale governmental activities, including “Huaxi’s Summer” Art Festival, closing ceremony of the International Kite Festival of China, opening ceremony of the Game of Go Cultural Festival of China, closing ceremonies of all previous minority sports meets of Guizhou Province, etc.; large-scale vocal concerts, including “The Same Song” concert, “IT Night” vocal concert, “The Young Entrepreneurs’ Night” vocal concert, the solo concert of Zhou Huajian, etc.; overseas teams: Festival Concert Band of France, Passionate Ireland Song and Dance Troupe, Mozart Symphony Orchestra of Germany, National Symphony Orchestra of Romania, Strauss Symphony Orchestra of Austria, National corps de ballet of Ukraine, etc.; domestic performances: the National Ballet of China (NBC), China National Symphony Orchestra, China Broadcasting Performing-Arts Troupe, China National Song & Dance Ensemble, Xinjiang Song & Dance Ensemble, Hubei Provincial Opera and Dance Drama Theater, etc.

  In order to break the onefold business type, we made painstaking efforts to create pantomime Snow White, the first grand magical cartoon drama of Guizhou at the end of 2006. Upon its introduction to the public, Snow White won most favorable comments from all circles of the society, and now the live show has been formally launched nation wide. Snow White is of reasonable price and high quality. Your enquiries will be welcome.

  Contact person: Shu Gang

  Tel: 0851-85830569 (fax)

  Address: 282 Qingyun Road, Nanming District, Guiyang, Guizhou Province

  PC: 550002

  Website: www.fs351.com (the website dedicated to performances in Southwest China where information about tickets, forecasts, favorable activities, etc. of performances is available)