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The 2018 ASEAN Belt and Road Tourism Culture Exchange Week held in Guiyang
2018-09-29 16:10   Source:Guiyang China

  The 2018 ASEAN Belt and Road Tourism Culture Exchange Week kicked off in Guiyang, Guizhou on Sept 26. It provides unparalleled opportunities for Guiyang to establish strong ASEAN relationships. Faced with blooming Southeast Asia tourism, Guiyang is seeking cooperation with ASEAN countries.
  The first tourism culture exchange week to be held by the ASEAN-China Center has already seen Guiyang sign a memorandum of cooperation with the ASEAN-China Center. Guiyang also unveiled the ASEAN-Guizhou (Guiyang) Tourism Culture Promotion Center set up by the ASEAN-China Center, which will become a platform for Guizhou to introduce tourism culture to ASEAN countries.
  Guiyang and Southeast Asia have strong tourism ties, with 84,200 people traveling to ASEAN countries from Guiyang every year, and 52,000 people traveling from ASEAN countries to Guiyang, 15 percent of all foreign tourists to Guiyang.
  In addition of tourism, the exchange week also allows Guiyang to increase cooperation with ASEAN countries in agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, environmental protection, big health and big data.
  It is another exchange and cooperation activity since the China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week held last month in Guiyang. The increasing cooperation and stable air routes are bringing Guiyang and Southeast Asia closer than ever.
  Cambodia, guest of honor at the exchange week, will enhance cooperation with Guiyang in tourism, education and culture.
  Thong Khon, Cambodian minister of tourism, said Cambodia will continue upgrading its tourism infrastructure and improving its service quality.
  Relying on the ASEAN-Guizhou (Guiyang) Tourism Culture Promotion Center, Guiyang will set up more overseas promotion centers of Guizhou tourism in Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and other ASEAN countries to better market itself to the outside world.