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High-speed railway connecting Guiyang and Hong Kong to open to the public
2018-08-23 13:41   Source:Guiyang China

  The high-speed railway between Guangzhou and Hong Kong started its pilot run in April and will officially open to the public in late September, making it easier for Guiyang residents to travel to Hong Kong.
  The railway will have seven stops, including Guangzhou South Station, Dongyong Station, Humen Station, Guangming Station, Shenzhen North Station and Futian Station on the mainland and West Kowloon Station in Hong Kong.
  Currently, the train running between Guiyang and Guangzhou takes four hours and 10 minutes, while the train running between Guangzhou and Hong Kong takes 48 minutes, meaning commuters can now travel between Guiyang and Hong Kong in as little as five hours.
  The railway between Futian Station and West Kowloon Station will be operated by Vibrant Express of the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway Corporation. The train is equipped with adjustable chairs, wheelchair space and barrier free toilets, and provides free recharge sockets, Wi-Fi and self-service hot water equipment.
  When the railway is opened, there will be 114 short-distance round-trip trains between Hong Kong and Guangzhou and 13 long-distance round-trip trains per day between Hong Kong and 16 other cities, including Guiyang.
  The ticket price to travel between Guiyang and Guangzhou is 323 yuan ($41.14) during rush hours and 212 yuan during other hours, while a ticket to travel between Guangzhou and Hong Kong is about 227.8 yuan, meaning a ticket to travel between Guiyang and Hong Kong will cost about 440-550 yuan.
  In addition, West Kowloon Station will place the mainland port area and Hong Kong port area on the same floor in order to provide convenience for tourists in completing entry and exit procedures.