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5 things to expect from 2018 Eco Forum Global
2018-07-02 10:48   Source:Guiyang China

  The annual Eco Forum Global Conference will be held from July 6 to 8 in Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province in Southwest China. Once again, it will bring a range of discussions on global ecological civilization. We have rounded up 5 things to expect from the forum:
  1. More than 40 formal discussions on environment issues currently facing the planet
  Over 40 discussions will be held at the conference on four subjects, including "Green growth", "Environmental protection", "Ecological conservation" and "Environmental regulation". Aiming to bring global environmental issues into the public eye and provide effective solutions, discussions will focus on 10 main strategies, including environmental stewardship, technical innovation, and bioPersity protection.
  2. 10th anniversary events
  This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Eco Forum Global Annual Conference. Visitors can participate in various anniversary events during the forum, such as a salon, video show and photo gallery. These events will showcase the changes that have occurred in the world's ecology in the past decade and what China has done for the environment.
  3. seven international workshops
  There will be seven workshops conducted by foreign governments and international organizations, such as "China-Sweden Dialogue 2018", "Female leader on ecology development", and "Wild nature", giving participants a glimpse of the latest trends in global ecology.
  4. China's perspective on ecological civilization issues
  Having promoted global conversation and cooperation on ecotope issues in the 10th year, China's perspective on global ecological civilization is still of public interest. China, as a sponsor of the forum, will share its experiences, strategies, achievements and future plans at the summit.
  5. Renowned presenters
  State leaders from China and other countries, heads of international organizations and Fortune 500 companies, scholars, and experts will be present at the conference to share their thoughts and ideas.