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The Eco Forum Global Annual Conference 2018 to be held in Guiyang
2018-06-25 09:14   Source:Guiyang China

  Guiyang, capital city of Guizhou, will hold the Eco Forum Global Annual Conference 2018 at the Guiyang International Eco-Conference Center on July 6-8. It was announced at a media conference in Beijing on Thursday.
  EFG is an international platform on which leaders from government bodies and social programs around the world jointly promote eco-civilization and push for sustainable development.
  This year's conference whose theme is "Embrace the New Era of Eco-civilization: Green Development with High Priority to Ecology", will cover 10 aspects including industrial technology innovation, bioPersity protection, supervision and management innovation and anti-climate change efforts with symposiums, workshops and other activities during the three-day event.
  With the theme of "Embracing a New Era of Eco-civilization: Green Development with High Priority to Ecology", the forum will hold 38 meetings discussing how to build sustainable industries and green cities.The forum will also facilitate agreements to shape the global, regional and industrial agenda in green transformation.
  This year's forum will gather global leaders from government, business, academics, media and civil society to share their experiences and discuss the future of international and cross-industry cooperation with a focus on eco-civilization. Over 3,000 participants will attend the conference.
  According to Zhang Xinsheng, the general secretary of EFG, lectures will be delivered to interpret President Xi's thought on ecological development and reports will be released by experts from home and abroad.
  Lu Yongzheng, the deputy governor of Guizhou province, says the province attaches great importance to green development.
  Last year, 4.77-million-mu area of farmland had been reconverted into forest and pasture; more than 250 billion yuan has been invested in 332 green economic projects across the province; and environmental friendly industrial projects had been introduced to replace steel plants.