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Guiyang signs 22b yuan in contracts at big data expo
2018-06-07 09:10   Source:Guiyang China

  Guiyang, capital city of Guizhou province, signed a total of 108 contracts worth more than 22.16 billion yuan ($3.47 billion) during the 2018 China International Big Data Industry Expo, according to the Guiyang Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau.
  Among the 108 contracts, 11 provincial deals were signed, with the investment totaling 6.2 billion yuan. There were also 60 preliminary agreements signed with a total contract amount of 9.2 billion yuan.
  The city and its districts jointly planned 247 investment projects and held 81 promotional exhibitions. More than 2,000 enterprises were invited and 218 of them reached cooperative potential during the expo.
  Guiyang has also published an additional 66 projects involving the big data, health, and tourism industries. The projects have a combined investment of more than 9.18 billion yuan.