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Guiyang fixes ticket price for urban rail transit

  Guiyang, capital city of Southwest China's Guizhou province, released an announcement to fix the ticket price for the urban rail transit on Dec 14.
  According to Guiyang Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the flag-down fare for taking metro will be two yuan ($0.3) within four kilometers, and an additional one yuan between four to 12 kilometers, every four kilometers. Within 24 kilometers, the price is five to six yuan. When the distance is longer than 24 kilometers, the price will increase one yuan for every eight kilometers.
  To better serve local residents in Guiyang, the government provides people with different discounts. The metro is free of charge for soldiers, the disabled and people older than 70 years of age. Primary and middle school students will have a 50 percent discount while ordinary citizens will get a 10 percent discount with their public transportation card.