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Guiyang to remain the title of "national civilized city"

  Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, remained the title of "national civilized city", according to the list of the fifth batch of the honored cities was released by China Civilization Network on Nov 14.
  It is the third time for the city of Guiyang to win the title which is meant to honor the civilization of a city and the quality of local residents. The assessment work of national civilized city is carried out according to the standards set by Central Civilization Office.
  Guiyang started the work of building itself into a national civilized city early in 1999. The efforts paid off in 2011 when it won the title of "national civilized city" for the first time.
  Guiyang invests more than 2 billion yuan ($301.35 million) in the construction of civilized city every year. From August to September this year, the city spent 387 million yuan in six districts, solving a lot of problems concerning the construction of civilized city.
  It also invested 600 million yuan in environmental protection to make the mechanical sweeping rate increase from 53 percent to 84 percent, improving the environment of the city.
  Zunyi, another city in Guizhou province, was also listed among the fifth batch of national civilized cities.