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Fresh food supermarkets will fully cover Guiyang by 2018

  Guiyang authorities recently announced that the city has set a goal to increase the number of fresh food supermarkets in the city to 73 by the end of 2017, with hopes to cover all communities of the city by the end of 2018.
  Guiyang has constructed 23 fresh food supermarkets in 2016, which not only provide conveniences to local residents but also play a role in guiding the price of fruits and vegetables.
  In a bid to help Guizhou's less developed areas gain greater access to fresh vegetables, Guiyang authorities have supported the launch of temporary vegetable markets in these areas.
  Due to imperfections in cold-chain logistics that cause food wastage, the current price of fresh vegetables in Guiyang is high.
  In response to this problem, Guiyang plans to add 100,000 square meters of refrigeration warehouses with a total capacity of 150,000 tons. At the same time, delivery groups will be assembled by the end of the year to improve the delivery efficiency of fresh foods.