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Guiyang scenic spots welcome holiday travelers during the "Golden Week"

  During the "Golden Week" from Oct 1 to 8, Guiyang's major scenic spots hosted a variety of activities to honor the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays and attract tourists during their holiday travels.
  Qingyan Ancient Town presented local ethnic performances, including Gunshanzhu, Jinji dancing and other intangible cultural heritages. Tourists were offered the chance to study traditional bandhnu, using plants to make fragrant bags with the help of famous experts at Zhuangyuan Street.
  Flower Town in the Wudang district held a grand chrysanthemum show to welcome the holiday. The show will last until Nov 30. In the show's three exhibition areas, tourists can receive a free bag of chrysanthemum tea. The town also provides a platform for tourist to recite Chinese poetry describing chrysanthemum.
  Xiuwen county held an agricultural carnival among other activities. On Oct 4, the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, tourists were treated to free moon cakes and guessed lantern riddles.