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A strategic cooperation agreement of aerospace industry development signed in Guiyang

  Guiyang, capital of Guizhou provinc, has announced to deepen cooperation with the China Center for Aerospace Science and Technology International Communication and Beijing Aerospace Shuhai Technology Co.
  The three parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Guiyang on Sept 17 to build a think tank for the aerospace industry in the city and make the aerospace industry a new impetus for the local economy.
  The building of an aerospace creative industrial park, a space agriculture sightseeing park and an aerospace manufacturing park are also part of the agreement.
  The Guizhou branch of Beijing Zhongke Aerospace Talent Services Co was also established at the signing ceremony.
  "Guiyang has great potential with its convenient transportation and booming big data industry," said Zhang Jianheng, vice-president of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. "We will meet its requirements and help it become an innovative central city."