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The 2017 Guiyang International Marathon held in Guiyang

  Despite temperatures above 35 C in many parts of China, the resort city of Guiyang is relatively cool in summer, and as such held the 2017 Guiyang International Marathon on July 15, with more than 15,000 runners from over 11 countries and regions taking part.
  Having been held in the Guizhou provincial capital for four times, the event included a 42-kilometer full marathon, 21-kilometer half marathon and 3.5-kilometer mini-marathon.
  Runners came from over 11 countries and regions, including the US, Japan, Ethiopia and Kenya.
  The cool temperature of just 23 C was widely acclaimed for making the runners enjoy the game and break their own records.
  Serbessa Workneh Fikire from Ethiopia took the crown in men's full marathon. "It's my first time to run in Guiyang and I think the cool weather helped me save a lot of energy," he said.
  "The weather in Guiyang is quite comfortable and suitable for hosting a marathon," said Zhu Jiali, a Guiyang-born runner who took the third place in men's marathon.
  Guiyang is located on the eastern side of Yungui Plateau, with layers of mountains and deep valleys spreading across it. The weather is mild throughout the year, with winter temperatures dipping only four degrees and summers rarely exceeding 30 C.
  In recent years, the local government has been committed to ecological development and has built Guiyang into a garden city with more than 45 percent grass and tree coverage. The city is sometime referred to as the "world's summer resort".



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