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The China E-commerce Innovation Development Summit to be hosted in Guiyang city on May 25-28

  The main forum of the China E-commerce Innovation Development Summit(CEIDS) will be hosted on May 26. Due to Guiyang's advantages in e-commerce and the support facilitated by the big data industry, the CEIDS has attracted numerous e-commerce magnates including Zhang Wenxiang, CEO of Amazon China and Igor Subow, president of Russia Cross-border E-commerce Association.
  In recent years, Guiyang, capital of Guizhou, has been striving to seek "internet plus industry" opportunities to transform and modernize the economy. Thus far, great progress has been made in areas such as rural e-commerce, network infrastructure construction, agriculture-related e-commerce financing, and logistics.
  As a transportation hub in Southwest China, Guizhou province has a system that connects several provinces in China with Belt and Road countries. Moreover, Guizhou boasts a wide range of natural and tourism resources which can inject great vitality into e-commerce development.
  With the subject of “integrating creative elements & enabling the real economy”, the China E-commerce Innovation Development Summit (CEIDS) set to be hosted in Guiyang city, Guizhou province on May 25-28, Simultaneously with the 2017 China International Big Data Expo, will be a great occasion for Guizhou province to seek online business opportunities brought about by the Belt and Road Initiative.



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