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Guiyang holds a lecture highlighting the importance of quality on May 10 ("Chinese Brand Day")

  Guiyang, Guizhou province, is actively seeking to build itself into a high-quality national city with the help of its developing big data industry.
  The Guiyang government and the Guizhou Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision held a lecture on the importance of quality at the Guiyang Engineering Corporation on May 10, the recently State Council approved "Chinese Brand Day".
  A brand construction conference was also held in Guiyang in April to encourage quality improvements in all fields to cultivate and promote independent brands and contribute to the city's growing effort of building an innovative city.
  With the support of the big data industry, Guiyang is striving to improve the quality of its products, projects, services, environment and economy.
  The Guizhou provincial capital has built a cloud platform to collect information from different departments to strengthen the quality of supervision over food, drugs and industrial products. Remote video monitoring systems are also utilized to supervise construction and monitor water levels to prevent flood and other accidents caused by excessive rain.
  All the major projects were verified last year with six winning the Lu Ban Prize, a top construction award in China. Five also won the National Quality Engineering Award.
  Tourism and medical service information have been integrated online to improve the quality of both sectors. Political services have also been improved through big data platforms, offering people the ability to check personal information from home without travelling to different government departments.
  The quality of the city's environment has improved due to big data monitoring systems as well. Guiyang has built a network to monitor potable water sources, air quality, forests, meteorological data and geographical information.
  Big data also facilitates the economic structure and transfer of traditional industries. In 2016, more than 4,000 companies were engaged in, or related to, the big data industry at a total value of 130 billion yuan ($18.89 billion) citywide.



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