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Service Industry (Other Service Industry)

  I. Exhibition Industry

  1. Development Goal of the Industry: to take great effort to build the brand of “Guiyang World Ecology Forum”, to increase the sustainability and vitality of the exhibition brand through developing exhibition industry, strengthening industry support and driving the economic growth; to speed up the construction of exhibition complex and to build a high-level exhibition centre with complete functions within two years.

  2. Measures for the Industry Development

  • Relevant fees such as municipal infrastructure fee could be reduced or exempted according to procedures, if the newly built exhibition center or exhibition hall conforms to the plan for the city.

  • Enterprises newly engaged in exhibition industry could receive certain subsidies from local financial bureau. During the first 3 years since its opening, when business tax is imposed, 50% of the fund kept by the local financial bureau will be given to the enterprise for its development. During the first 3 years since the enterprise earns profits, after the business income tax is imposed, the fund kept by the local financial bureau will be all given to the enterprise for development; in the fourth and fifth year 50% of the fund kept by local financial bureau will be given to enterprise as subsidy.

  • RMB 30,000 and RMB 20,000 incentives could be granted respectively to those who introduce international and national exhibition complex with more than 300 exhibition booths.

  II. Financial Industry

  1. Development goal of the industry: to accelerate the pace of being listed for Guiyang City Commercial Bank; to speed up the progress to establish a single legal person for Guiyang Rural Commercial Banks; to attract the overseas and domestic bank organizations to set up their branches in Guiyang; to give great support to the non-bank financial institutions, such as securities, insurance, trustee and fund management companies; to offer all kinds of financial products and services. Government, financial institutions and enterprises shall strengthen their contact with each other, and establish liaison mechanism for daily communication. Try to avoid financial risk, and maintain a normal financial order.  

  2. Measures for the Industry Development

  • On-time subsidies will be granted to the newly established branches or offices of famous foreign or domestic financial enterprises. A subsidy of 2 million Yuan will be granted to the branches of national joint-stock financial enterprises established in Guiyang, and a subsidy of 1 million Yuan for the branches of regional commercial bank.

  •The expenses arising from business expansion and safety protection of the financial institution will be permitted to be deducted from the amount before tax in accordance with relevant state regulations.

  •In accordance with the state plan, we will do the work of implementing the policy on adjusting and loosening the control for establishing rural financial institutions with banking functions. With regard to the business office, we will give priority to new-style rural financial institutions, which are newly set up in the rural area of Guiyang, such as village and township bank, loan company, etc. The local financial bureau will give a subsidy of 0.1% of increased loaned amount within one year which is loaned to the enterprises and farmers of Guiyang in consecutive five years.

  III. Trade Service Industry

  1. Development goal of the industry: to plan and build central business district; to speed up the development of business streets with features; to standardize, reconstruct, foster and upgrade large scale specialized markets.

  2. Measures for the Industry Development

  •In the course of the structural reform of traditional commercial enterprises, if the originally allocated land is still in use, under the provisions that the conditions, user and the purpose of the land remain unchanged, and the procedure for transfer of the right of land use is to be gone through, method of paying the fees for transfer of land use right could be adopted.

  •To support and develop e-business. Primary support shall be given to information construction project, such as on-line trading, on-line settlement, and information release display. The commerce and trade circulating enterprises with a turnover of more than 100 million in previous year will be granted one-time subsidy amounting to 50% of the information construction project investment.

  • For the chain stores that have more than 5 shops, if they meet the requirements of “The Regulations of Chain Store Management”, when they open a new shop (except franchised shops), a subsidy of 50,000 Yuan will be granted. If the chain stores construct an information system, 50% of their investment with a maximum of 50,000 Yuan will be reimbursed. For the rebuilding project of the distribution centers of the chain stores, if they get a loan from the bank, a loan subsidy will be provided based on the value of the loan and the interest rate then.

  •The companies of the service industry, if the waste water they let out to the public waste water pipe network accord with the required standards, the relevant fees need not to be paid. When the catering enterprise purchase small amount of agricultural product, by product, and low value consumables, if they cannot get an invoice, after the approval of tax bureau, the purchase amount can be deducted before business income tax is imposed.

  • The newly built commercial streets (including commercial streets of catering enterprise), a subsidy will be given by the Municipal Service Industry Development Fund. If a single investment exceeds 30 million Yuan, the city infrastructure fees shall be exempted.

  •For the newly built wholesale markets and the moved and rebuilt wholesale market that are rebuilt elsewhere, if they accord with “Guiyang Municipality’s Commercial Network Planning”, the city infrastructure fees shall be exempted; and the construction projects enjoy a loan subsidy based on the loan value and the then interest rate; newly built farmer's market could enjoy a subsidy of 100-400 Yuan per square meter with an upper limit up to 1 million Yuan. For building a national level of green market, a subsidy of 100 Yuan per square meter is provided.

  IV. New Service Industry

  1. Development goal of the industry: to cultivate emerging service industry, such as animation industry, community service industry, etc. and to make it become a new growth area in the economy.

  2.  Measures for the Industry Development

  • The animation enterprises, which are recognized as software production enterprise by relevant authority according to state regulation, could apply to enjoy VAT preferential policy for the software products they develop and produce; business tax (advertisement and amusement industry are not included here) for animation products developed and produced by animation enterprises is imposed according to applicable tax items and rate; import customs duties and import VAT tax for the imported equipments which are used to develop and produce animation final product could be exempted.

  • Business tax, urban maintenance and construction tax and additional education fees will not be imposed on community organizations, such as nursery school, kindergarten, nursing home, and disable people welfare organization. House property tax and land use tax in cities and towns will be exempted for the welfare and non-profit making community organizations which provide all kinds of service for old people. For profit making medical organizations, if their income is directly spent on improving medical conditions, within 3 years after it was officially registered, the business tax and house property tax and land use tax will be exempted supposed the property and land are their own.


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