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Phosphorus Chemical Industry

  Present Situation

  Abundant phosphorous, electricity, coal and water resources create unique natural conditions and advantages for the development of phosphorus chemical industry. After several decades’ development, especially since the implementation of opening-up policy, phosphorous chemical industry in Guiyang has made great progress. Centering on Guiyang, a “Phosphorous triangle” linking Kaiyang—Guiyang—Fuquan has been formed in Guizhou. Consequently, two “Phosphorous Chemical Industry Belts”, namely Kaiyang—Xifeng—XiuwenGuiyang and Longli—Guiding—Fuquan—Duyun, have been formed. Taking phosphorous ore as raw material, high-density phosphorous complex fertilizer and yellow phosphorous for industrial use have become the chief products of Guiyang. A series of phosphorous chemical companies like Kaiyang Phosphorous Group have been the core enterprises in this field. But the fine phosphorous industry is still in the stage of research and development and have great potential and bright prospect.

  In order to speed up phosphorous chemical industry, Guiyang government has formulated Developing Plan for Guiyang Phosphorous Chemical Industry and endeavors to set up (National) Ecological Model Base of Guiyang Recycling Economy of Phosphorous & Coal Chemical Industry and build Guiyang into “Phosphorus Capital on Plateau”. The government will integrate minerals, electricity, phosphorous and coal and combine rich phosphorous resource with hydropower stations. It will further enlarge and enhance the phosphorous chemical industry by extending its industrial line and rendering much assistance to several key enterprises.

  Industrial Development Advantages

  Guizhou Province is rich in mineral resources, being one of the provinces in China with the most of phosphorous mines. The amount of exploitable phosphorus accounts for 38% of the country’s total. Phosphorus reserve in Guiyang is 428 million tons and Guiyang is one of the three biggest phosphorous bases in the country. More than 70% of high-grade phosphorus concentrates in Guiyang. For example, high-grade phosphorus reserve in Kaiyang County is up to 390 million tons, accounting for 1/3 of the total countrys rich ores. The rich ore with over 32% P2O5 content takes up 78% of the total. Guiyang ranks the first place among the three biggest phosphorus bases in China.

  Guiyang is one of the ten hydropower bases in China, with 98 rivers, 4.679 billion cubic meters water resource capacity, 61.5 million KWs exploitable electricity and nearly 1 million KWs generator installation. The total coal reserve amounts to 895 million tons and generator installation to 985 million KWs. Coal resources are diversified in types, shallow in burial and easy in exploitation. Now hydropower and thermal-power are complementary to each other due to rich water and coal resources. The electricity supply in Guiyang is sufficient and low in price.

   Kaiyang County, the main phosphorus chemical production spot, is close to Sichuan-Guizhou Railway, Guiyang-Zunyi Highway and Jiuchang-Tongren second-grade highway in the west. The branch line of Kaiyang Railway linking Xiaozhaiba Station on Sichuan-Guizhou Railway goes across the whole area of Kaiyang Phosphorus Mining Zone. The highway network stretches from north to south in Phosphorus Chemical Zone. The closest distance from enterprise to railway station is 0-20 km, while the road distance to Jiuchang Station on Chuanqian Railway is 10-40 km and the road distance to Guiyang 60-65 km.

  Lots of technicians with phosphorus chemical knowledge and managerial personnel are gathered in Guiyang. The fixed-assets invested costs for building materials and construction are far less than those in other provinces in addition to the sufficient and cheap electricity.

  Focal Point of Industrial Development

  During the period of the “Eleventh Five Year Plan”, the focal points are as follows: to control the total amount of exploitation, and decrease or prohibit the out-bound transportation of ore so as to develop deep processing industry; to control the total production of yellow phosphorus and produce downstream products; to expand ammonium phosphate production scale to meet market demand; to produce Na3 PO4 series products and Ca3PO4 without fluorine products; develop 20 fine chemical products, such as red phosphorus for industrial use, phosphoric acid for industrial use, edible phosphoric acid, KH2PO4, ZnH2PO4, sodium hypophosphite, and CaHPO4 for edible and medical use, etc.; to pay attention to wastes comprehensive utilization projects focusing on the comprehensive utilization project of yellow phosphorus tail exhaust and comprehensive utilization project of phosphorus slag. Up to 2010, total production value of phosphorus chemical industry will reach 14 billion yuan, average increasing 20 % annually. The added-value will be 4.2 billion yuan. The tax will be 2.8 billion yuan and foreign exchange revenue from export will be USD 260 million. We will complete “200,000 tons/year formic acid project by utilizing comprehensively yellow phosphorus tail exhaust” in Shuangliu Township Enterprises Development Company, and “600,000 tons/year ammonium phosphate project” in Kaiyang Phosphorus (Group) Co.,Ltd.. We will also render big assistance to the following projects: 600,000 tons synthetic ammonium production jointly by Kaiyang Phosphorus (Group) Co.,Ltd Shandong Yanzhou Mining Group, 1.2 million tons ammonium phosphate production and edible phosphoric acid production by Kaiyang Dashui Company.


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