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Qianna Hot Pot Satisfies Your Appetite

  The Great Qianna Garden came into being at Nanlu Road of Guiyang 7 years ago for the purpose of demonstrating classical Guiyang cuisine through rich ethnic cultures. Qianna Creation came out in north part of the city proper 2 years ago, leading the new trend of creating cuisine culture through fashion. And today, Qianna Taste integrates traditional and modern gist to start the new romantic life along the river bank. Right from its birth, Qianna, whatever life experience it provides for the city, has paid much attention to present perfect products by means of working hard on details. Qianna Taste, strongly backed up by Great Qianna Garden and Qianna Creation, bases itself on the local taste of Guiyang people. Qianna Taste combines the strengths of Great Qianna Garden and Qianna Creation to introduce many innovative element, thus resulting in the present taste of Qianna. The traditional Guizhou food is the core of Qianna dishes which, taking Guangdong and Hunan foods as tools, carries out the “going-out-of-Guizhou and bringing-in strategy” to make use of others’ strengths and probe the essence of dishes created by forerunners. Based on popular dishes, Qianna Taste makes continuous efforts to refine and beautify the specialties.

  In winter, Qianna, in a grand scale, introduces a variety of delicious hot pot to satisfy all people, men and women, old and young, aiming at offering you the hot delicacy to drive away the bitter cold of winter.

  Specialty hot pots:

  Hot pot of Xishui mutton: The hot pot of Xishui mutton is absolutely a must offered by Qianna. It is made with selected mutton through special preparation process and secret seasonings. The hot pot is fragrant, hot and fresh with lingering flavor. According to traditional Chinese medical science, mutton is of warm nature which can warm up the kidney and do good to Qi and tonify blood. Mutton can be applied to treating impotence, sore waist and weak knee, intolerance of cold, frequent urine, blood deficiency and aching abdomen after giving birth, cold limbs, etc. The most apparent effect is that people will feel warm all over after eating mutton for a few times. Come to Qianna and savor the palatable Xishui mutton hot pot, and coldness will be far away from you this winter.

  Hot pot of wild mushrooms and sea food: Delicacies from mountain, wild mushrooms symbolize high-end dainties while hot pot, a promoter of hot atmosphere, is the food popular among common people. At Qianna Creation Restaurant in Daying Road of Guiyang, you will be able to meet your stomach’s demand for fresh and tasty hot pot of wild mushrooms and sea food. Sea food hot pot was originated from Guangdong and now it is added with classical wild mushroom series typical of Guizhou cuisine. The hot pot is characterized by original juice and taste, mildness and nutrition. The sea food having taken shower in fragrant soup, tastes fresh, sweet and smooth, giving you a wonderful feel. Enabling you to enjoy delicacies from mountain and sea food, this hot pot keeps you from discomfort arising from too much internal heat brought by food. Isn’t the hot pot of wild mushrooms and sea food a mythical and alluring dish?

  Hot pot of fragrant and hot tenderloin: This is certainly a delicious hot pot corresponding to the taste of Guiyang people. It is fragrant and palatable, alluringly hot so that your appetite will increase dramatically upon you are hit by the odor. Your stomach and body will be warmed if you eat beef in winter and beef serves as a nice accompanying food for people drink liquor, too.

  Hot pot of pungent bone: It is meticulously made with quality fresh bone of pig. Pungent, fresh and appetizing, it is of more varying tastes accompanied by specially prepared seasoning juice. You may kill two birds with one stone when such hot pot is served because you can nibble the bone while savoring the delicacy.

  Hot pot of bone meat with milk: This is a hot pot designed to tonify senior citizens and children. Rich calcium plus nutrition of milk make the hot pot taste mellow, fresh and sweet. The pork is tender so it is especially suitable for senior citizens and children.

  You will be given a specialty for free by presenting a cuisine weekly affiliated to Guizhou Business News when you order hot pot at any restaurant of Qianna Enterprise. Could you still remain calm offered such delicious hot pot at such favorable price? If not, come to enjoy hot pot at Qianna, and you will be far away from the cold winter.  

  Guiyang Qianna Cuisine Culture Co., Ltd. is currently holding activities favorable to our guests for the Spring Festival. By February 6, 2008, all people having consumed over RMB688 at any of the three restaurants under brand Qianna will be refunded RMB100 as a gift, and there is no upper limit for refunding! Furthermore, the lunar New Year’ Eve family dinners are available for booking at the three restaurants under brand Qianna.

  Great Qianna Garden Restaurant

  Telephone for booking: 0851-85501868

  Address: No. 4, Jiujialu Lane, Shinan Road, Guiyang

  Qianna Creation Restaurant

  Telephone for booking: 0851-86761333

  Address: Baihuashan Road Entrance, Daying Road, Guiyang

  Qianna Taste Restaurant

  Telephone for booking: 0851-85895000

  Address: 37 Shuikousi Road, Guiyang


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