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Xifeng Concentration Camp


  Xifeng Concentration Camp was the largest and highest-grade secret prison among the prisons set up by the spy system organized by the Military Commission of the KMT Government during the Anti-Japanese War. The Camp consisted of the home office at Yanglangba of Xifeng and the prison at Xuantiandong. The Camp was known as “university” within the spy system while the Baigongguan Prison and Wanglongmen House of Detention in Chongqing were respectively called “middle school” and “primary school”.

    The Camp became one of the provincial and municipal bases for patriotic education of Guizhou Province and Guiyang City in 1997. It entered the list of major historical and cultural sites under state protection by the State Council in 1988.

    Tips for tourists: RMB15/person for the old site of Xifeng Concentration Camp. You may take a bus to go to the Camp at No. 1 Public Passenger Transportation Service Station, Yan’anxi Road, Guiyang from 8:00 ~ 17:00, 20 minutes/shift.


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