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Guiyang Science and Technology Bureau

  Main Functions:

  1. Implement national laws, regulations, outlines and policies on science and technology (S&T) endeavors; promote the implementation of the strategy of reviving the city through S&T and administer the S&T endeavors in all fields; draft specific policies, regulations and measures of S&T development; study major problems that occur during promoting economic and social progress through S&T; draw up the development blueprint and identify priority areas; promote the construction of S&T innovation system and improve S&T innovation capability.

  2. Formulate medium- and long- term and annual plans for S&T development in the city and give guidance to the enforcement.

  3. Set forth and implement the plan to tackle hard-nut problems in S&T in the city, Torch Program, Spark Program and some other programs to develop high-tech.

  4. Draft policies and measures for high-tech development; design plans for high-tech research and development, S&T innovation and the promotion of social development through S&T and give guidance to their implementation.

  5. Promote the industrialization of high-tech and the development and dissemination of applied technologies; lead the efforts to put high-tech research and development findings into industrial production; administer key high-tech projects at city level and the production of high-tech products.

  6. Make policies and measures to reform the municipal S&T system; give guidance to the reform and encourage the establishment of S&T innovation mechanism and system that conform to the rules of socialist market economy and meet the need of S&T development.

  7. Explore ways to increase S&T development funds through multiple channels; optimize S&T resource allocation; be responsible for the budgeting, final accounting and supervision of operating expenses of S&T undertakings, funds for S&T development and special S&T projects.

  8. Formulate overall plan for the key S&T projects and scientific bases in the city; conduct, researches, argumentation and evaluation of the introduction of advanced technology, significant technological transformation and the construction of key S&T projects in the city in cooperation with departments concerned;  

  9. Explore for rational allocation of S&T human resources; put forward policies to bring out the enthusiasm of scientific and technical personnel and create favorable climate for their development; make recommendations on election of excellent S&T talents.

  10. Manage S&T exchanges and cooperation with other regions and foreign countries.

  11. Manage the scientific findings, private-owned scientific enterprises and scientific files and the protection of intellectual property right in the city; regulate the technology market, reward those who make S&T research findings and ensure confidentiality of research results; promote the development and dissemination of science; promote the development of non-governmental intermediary organizations for S&T consulting, bidding, evaluation, etc.

  12. Design target system for S&T advances with other departments concerned and take charge of the examination, assessment and rewarding of the system.

  13. Manage the work of S&T information and statistics in the city; offer guidance to the structuring and adjustment of research institutes in cooperation with departments concerned;

  14. Offer guidance and coordination to county and district governments and related departments in their administration over S&T work.

  15. Undertake other issues delivered by the municipal government and the Department of Science and Technology of the province.


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