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Guiyang Economic and Trade Commission

  Main Functions:

  1.Take charge of the economic operation and regulation of the city; supervise and analyze the situation of national economic and regulate the daily operation of the national economy of the city; draft and organize the implementation of short-term economic regulation objectives and handle major problems in economic operation.

  2.Implement national industrial polices; formulate and organize local industrial structural adjustment and supervise the implementation; put forward adjustment scheme on key sectors and key products; contact the social intermediary agencies in industrial and trade sectors and guide their reform and adjustment.

  3.Organize and Instruct the technological innovation and investment management of enterprises in the city; organize and instruct technological innovation, introduction and application as well as the manufacturing and research of important technological equipments; promote the development of the city’s intellectual economy; put forward the utilization orientation of foreign loans; guide the internationalized operation of enterprises; undertake investigation of industry damage.

  4.Study and formulate policies and measures on enterprises’ reform and development; guide and supervise their reform; push on the establishment of contemporary enterprise institution; pick out and recommend listed corporation; guide and manage the legal consulting inside the enterprise; instruct the training of managing personnel in enterprises of the city; undertake the work of Office for Relieving Enterprises’ Burden.

  5.Participate in formulating integrated economic regulations and policies in industry and industrial market and supervise the enforcement; collect, sort out, analyze and release economic information.

  6.Take charge of planning and management of relevant sectors; formulate sector planning in textile, mechanic, metallurgy, chemical engineering, building materials, pharmacy, food and packaging professionals and carry out sector management.

  7.Take charge of resources conservation and comprehensive utilization; organize and coordinate industrial environmental protection and development of environmental protection industry.

  8.Guide and organize the marketing of enterprises; participate in the guidance and coordination of economic technological cooperation.

  9.Be responsible for the reform and development of small and medium enterprises and non-public economy.

  10.Undertake affairs assigned by the municipal government and the Economy and Trade Commission of the province.

  11.Serve and manage the retired workers and cadres from the six departments of the former Municipal Bureau of Mechanics and Electronics.


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