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Guiyang Transportation Bureau

  Main Functions:

  1. Carry out the national guide lines, policies and laws, and regulations on the development of transportation industry; draft local laws and regulations on transportation (including roadway and waterway) in the city, and organize the implementation.

  2. Draft out the blueprint, the medium and long -term plan and annual plan of the development of transportation industry and supervise the implementation; conduct the statistics on transportation industry and information guiding; undertake the transportation tasks in war preparedness period.

  3. Offer guidance on the system reform of transportation industry; administer transportation market and the construction market of basic transportation facilities and maintain the order of fair competition; coordinate and balance the transportation capability in the city and offer guidance on the structural optimization and coordinative development in transportation industry; guide the business of the Association of Transportation Industry and help its full function.

  4. Administrate the road and water transportation and manage the transportation of passenger and freight in urban and rural areas (including the route transportation of cars, tourist transportation, automobile leasing and transportation of special materials; the taxi transportation abide by the current administration according to Regulation on Guizhou Road Transportation Management and according to other regulations as otherwise stipulated by the state), strengthen the management over transportation service and regulate the transportation of key materials and urgent passenger and freight.

  5. Administer the construction, maintenance, quality inspection and cost of the basic facilities in transportation in Guiyang; organize the construction of key projects of transportation, transport terminals and freight stations of the province and the city.

  6. Organize the collection, inspection and audition of transportation fees; administer the setting up of toll stations (toll gates) and toll collection.

  7. Administer automobile repairing market, driving schools and drivers training industry; administer the trade related to the detection of automobile comprehensive functions.

  8. Take charge of the work related to shipment supervision, ship examination, sailor training test, transportation safety and ship repairing market.  

  9. Draft local regulations on transportation and supervise the enforcement in the city.

  10. Implement the layout for technological development and strategy of technical economy in transportation industry; supervise the implementation of technological standards and norms in transportation industry; organize the tackling of hard-nut problems in science and technology and dissemination of scientific findings; instruct introduction and innovation of the important technological items.

  11. Coordinate the use of foreign capital, the foreign exchange and cooperation in economy and technology and other issues concerning transportation industry; take charge of the cooperation of roadway and waterway in the city with international organizations.

  12. Administer the personnel, payment and other issues and guide the construction of workforce in transportation industry.

  13. Undertake other issues delivered by the municipal committee of the CPC, the municipal government and the superior departments.


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