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Guiyang Construction Bureau

  Main Functions:

  1. Implement state, province and city regulations, rules, technical standards and norms concerning construction management; administer and inspect the construction industry in accordance with the current situation of the city.

  2. Formulate and implement medium- and long- term and annual plans for urban development and relevant development strategies; take charge of the construction of the projects of urban basic facilities and major projects; offer guidance and coordination to the construction of other projects in the city.

  3. Guide and administer urban and rural construction, resources assessment of scenic spots and construction management; take charge of the surveying and design of construction projects, building industry (including decoration industry) and real estate development in the city.

  4. Supervise and standardize construction design market, decoration market, building industry market and real estate market; verify the qualifications of related construction enterprises determine their business norms and take charge of law enforcement and supervision of the enterprises; administer local project bidding for housing construction and the basic facilities construction.

  5. Formulate the plan for the urban construction funds and take charge of the supervision and administration of the use of funds.

  6. Draw up the development blueprint and supervise the implementation of mandatory standards in construction industry; examine the design of construction drawings and supervise the design quality;promote the development and dissemination of scientific findings, new technology, new materials and new products in construction industry.

  7. Take charge of the comprehensive management of the urban construction archives and the earthquake prevention in construction projects.

  8. Formulate the plans and programs for the cultivation of construction talents in the city; guide and administer the cultivation of personnel working in this trade, the continuous education for the professional technicians and in-service training; verify qualifications and licensing of the professional technicians in construction industry.

  9. Undertake other issues delivered by the municipal CPC committee, the municipal government and the departments at higher levels.



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