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Guiyang National Land and Resources Bureau

  Main Functions:

  1. Implement national policies, laws and regulations on the management of land, mineral resources and surveying and mapping and formulate relevant local rules and regulations; draft normative documents concerning land, mineral resources and survey and mapping; organize the implementation of rules and regulations in this regard.

  2. Draft and implement the overall and annual plans of land utilization, mineral resources, surveying and mapping and other special programming according to the national economy and social development strategy of the city.

  3. Supervise and inspect the  law enforcement and implementation of the design and programming of land, mineral resources and surveying and mapping conducted by the departments at lower levels; coordinate land remediation, rectification and order control in mining sector; deal with disputes over land ownership, mining rights and responsibilities for geological disasters; crack down on irregularities and violations; take charge of the work of administrative reconsideration and pleading concerning land, mineral resources and surveying and mapping.  

  4. implement the state policies on special protection of cultivated land; carry out the control over farmland use and the protection over capital farmland; strengthen the management of the land requisition for construction projects; undertake the inspection and approval of the conversion of cultivated land, land acquisition and land development; administer and guide the development of unexploited land, farmland reclamation and development.

  5. Conduct land resources survey, cadastral investigation, dynamic monitoring, modification survey and land statistics; administer the confirmation of land ownership, urban and rural land registration and grading, land licensing and its identification.

  6. Implement national regulations on the transfer, leasing, evaluation, disposal and government purchase of the right of land use; conduct the disposal of land assets after the restructuring of state-owned enterprises; guide the city's benchmark land price and set the evaluation of land price; administer land evaluation institutions in the city; organize unified management of the transfer of the right of rural collective land use; organize public bidding and auction of the right of state-owned land use;administer and supervise land market.

  7. Supervise and administer the development, utilization and protection of mineral resources; exercise the power of mining registration and licensing as prescribed by law and examine the development and utilization plans of mineral resources; supervise geological environment in mines and administer transporting and marketing of mineral products in accordance with law; organize the supervision over mines and the statistics of mining industry.

  8. Administer geological prospecting, deal with disputes over geological prospecting and protect the legitimate right of mine prospector; administer the market of mine prospecting; manage mineral resources reserves and organize mineral resources registration and statistics analysis.

  9. Supervise and manage the city's geological environment protection and coordinate the prevention of geological disasters; conduct the protection and management of geological sites;

  10. Ensure safe production cooperating with the agencies in charge of safe production and such agencies in mines.  

  11. Manage basic surveying and mapping, boundary surveying and mapping of administrative regions; organize the construction projects measurement, surveying and mapping in real estate and other fields; administer the recording and quality of the tasks of surveying and mapping; take charge of the keeping of confidential information concerning surveying and mapping of the administrative regions in the city and organize the collection, arrangement and submission of the achievements catalogue (duplicates); protect the measuring marks; examine and submit the maps of administrative regions in the city.

  12. Collect various fees as stipulated by laws and regulations on land, mineral resources and surveying and mapping; arrange and administer the expenditures and other capitals or funds for land, mineral resources and surveying and mapping allocated by national, provincial and city finance.

  13. Conduct the propaganda, education, science and technology popularization, foreign exchange and cooperation concerning the city’s land and mineral resources.

  14. Offer guidance on the business of the administrative agencies in charge of land and resources at city or county level.

  15. Undertake other issues assigned by the municipal CPC committee, the municipal government and departments at higher level.



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