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Guiyang Radio and Television Bureau

  Main Functions:

  1. Implement national and CPC policies, laws and regulations on radio and television, and steer public opinion towards the right direction; offer guidance on the propaganda of radio and television, supervise the implementation of the discipline in radio and television; guide the administration system reform in radio and television cause.

  2. Formulate and carry out the development plans for radio and television cause in the city; give guidance on the construction, business and technology administration in radio and television cause.

  3. Plan and administer the special radio and television networks and ensure the normal broadcasting of radio and television programs in accordance with the national planning, macro-policies and national laws and regulations.

  4. Lead and administer the Radio and Television Stations attached to the City; deal with the major problems concerning radio and television, coordinate and inspect the major propaganda programs; issue the propaganda plan in various periods.

  5. Administer radio and television satellite receiving facilities and the program recording in accordance with law.

  6. Administer and provide guidance to the radio and television sectors of Guiyang in their exchanges and cooperation with other regions and foreign countries.

  7. Undertake other issues assigned by the municipal committee of the CPC, the municipal government and the departments at higher level.



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