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Guiyang Public Security Bureau

  Main Functions:

  1. Implement public security guidelines, policies and regulations; formulate and implement measures in line with the actual circumstances; lead and supervise the local public security operation.

  2. Have full knowledge of the elements harming domestic security and disrupting public order, analyze situation, formulate counter-measures, report to the municipal government and higher public security authorities and propose implement measures; convey the instruction of the municipal government and higher public security authorities and supervise the implementation.

  3. Manage the investigation of big case in the municipality and cross-region, coordinate and handle social disorders, riots and emergencies.

  4. Manage, supervise and participate in cracking down social disorders, administer household registration, resident identification, guns, special professions and hazardous articles in accordance with law.

  5. Administer entry and exit affairs for residents, and handle matters related to the residence and travel in the city by aliens.

  6. Manage fire-fighting and fire control work; coordinate with government at all level in the implementation of Fire Prevention Law.

  7. Maintain traffic safety and order; administer the management of motor vehicles and drivers.

  8. Instruct and supervise the security work of government agencies, social groups, institutions, enterprises, and key construction projects; and provide guidance to mass organizations in preventative security measures.

  9. Instruct and supervise the security of public information network.

  10. Instruct and supervise the enforcement of criminal penalty and manage jails, detention houses, drug-relief reformatories and penitentiaries.

  11. Instruct, supervise and undertake the investigation of responsibility during legal supervision and enforcement, administrative review, hearing and state compensation; undertake the examination and approval of reeducation through labor and juvenile correction through custody.

  12. Provide security service to state leaders of China, important foreign guests, province and municipality leaders and organize security work for great social political events.

  13. Organize and instruct the prohibition of drug-trafficking, drug use, drug planting and drug producing. Undertake the work of the Municipal Anti-drug Committee.

  14. Develop public security technology, including information technology, criminal investigative techniques and operation techniques and organize the implementation.

  15. Supply the public security departments with public security equipment, uniforms and funds, and supervise subordinate public security bureaus at the district and county levels on such logistic affairs.

  16. Lead and command the armed police in public security operations according to its jurisdiction.

  17. Formulate and organize educational programs and trainings for police officers and publicity, compensation and commendation; manage the personnel affairs and police ranks in accordance with its jurisdiction.

  18. Formulate and implement disciplinary regulations for the municipal police force; organize; supervise and investigate into police offences.

  19. Organize the banning of Falungong cult and other harmful Qigong.



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