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Guiyang Real Estate Administration Bureau

  Main Functions:

  1.Implement the state, province and city policies, laws, rules and regulations related to the real estate management and housing reform system; study and work out the policies, rules and regulations on real estate market, real estate management, housing reform and housing construction and draft  mid-term and long-term plans and organize the implementation.

  2.Direct and supervise urban housing system reform in the municipalitycitycounty; be responsible for the supervision, inspection and guidance of the management of housing reform funds.

  3.Be responsible for the supervision, inspection and guidance of the housing ownership registration and the archive management; be responsible for issuing registration certificates of the housing ownership; be responsible for the management of real estate market access; be responsible for the real estate transfer, lease, mortgage, registration and management; be responsible for the management of the real estate agencies; be responsible for the work of mapping of buildings; be responsible for the guidance and the management of real estate assessment.

  4.Be responsible for the supervision, coordination and guidance of the law enforcement on housing demolition; be responsible for the work of reviewing the license and authorization of demolition organizations.

  5.Be responsible for the registration and record of the housing lease contracts; draft policies and rules on management of low-rent housing and organize the implementation and undertake relevant managing work; be responsible for accepting community donations and handling relevant procedures.

  6.Take charge of housing security and qualification management of authentication agencies and professional personnel as well as termite control.

  7.Be responsible for the property management; guide and regulate property management market.

  8.Be responsible for the public housing asset management and implementation of private housing policies.

  9.Be responsible for administrative review of real estate in the municipality (city and county) as authorized by relevant laws, rules and regulations.

  10. Undertake other duties assigned by the Municipal Committee, Government, and the authorities at higher level.



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