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Guiyang Development and Reform Commission

  Main Functions:

  1. Study and draft the economic and social development strategy, medium and long term and annual plan of the city; organize the implementation of these plans; formulate the plans of basic industries, pillar industries and high-tech industry and balance the plans in various industries; study and prepare for the target and policy of economic development and the optimization of economic structure; give proposal of the application of various economic policies and means; present to the municipal people’s congress the status report of the municipal economic and social development plan of the city on behalf of the municipal government.

  2. Study and analyze the domestic economic situation and social development of the city; forecast the macro-economy, and set forth emergency plans; organize the enforcement of key economic policies and measures; propose the policies, measures and recommendations to implement macro-economy and the economy regulation by means of economic levers.

  3. Balance the gross economic output and coordinate the key economic proportions of the city; carry out sustainable development strategy, resource development plan, productivity distribution and ecological environment construction plan; direct and promote the adjustment and rationalization of the municipal economic structure and the coordinative development of the regional economy.

  4. Study the key problems in economic system reform and opening-up; formulate the comprehensive plan of economic system reform, and coordinate the relevant plans of special system reform; put forward proposal to improve socialist market economy system and promote development through reform and opening-up; guide and promote economic system reform in the city.

  5. Raise the proposal for the scale of social fixed asset investment, investment structure and capital balance plan of the city; work out the planning of key project and productivity distribution; arrange the financial construction funds and projects supported by the city and city finance; coordinate and apply for national and provincial special funds; approve and submit basic construction projects according to its jurisdiction; recommend loans-applying projects to state policy-directed banks and commercial banks; direct and supervise the use of policy-based loans; direct private funds towards fixed asset investment.

  6. Study and propose the strategy of foreign capital use, oversea investment and foreign trade development; formulate the objectives of total balance and system optimization, and supervise the enforcement; plan and manage the projects supported by foreign loans; approve and apply for investment projects at home and abroad according to its jurisdiction level; take charge of the overall amount control, structural optimization and supervision work of the foreign debts.

  7. Study and forecast the supply and demand of domestic and international markets; propose policies and measures to cultivate and improve the market system; ensure the balance between supply and demand of key commodities in the city and the balance between import and export; take charge of the reserve plan of key commodities; direct and supervise government procurement, reserve, renewal and distribution of key commodities to direct and monitor the market.

  8. Study and formulate the overall plan of social development in the city and balance population and family planning, science and technology, education, culture, sanitation and other social undertakings with the economic and social development; lead the efforts to put high-tech research and development findings into industrial production; propose policies and measures for the economic and social coordinative development and mutual promotion; study and coordinate the key issues of the social development of the city; propose the plan and measures to promote the development of service industry and organize the implementation.

  9. Draft local laws and regulations in respect to economic system reform and opening-up, and other relevant laws and regulations and supervise the enforcement; study, work out and organize the implementation of investment and financing reform scheme; organize the establishment of social credit system in the city.

  10. Guide and coordinate the development scheme in the districts (counties) of the city and in different departments and industries; inspect and give adjustment proposals to the implementation of the annual and mid-term and long-term plan of economic and social development and the special plan of key industries in the city.

  11. Formulate the plan of key construction projects at city level and strengthen the management of key projects at state, province and city level; guide, coordinate and supervise the work of bidding according to Law of Bidding and the Regulations on Bidding in Guizhou Province; coordinate and deal with the key issues in the construction of key projects; urge the key projects’ completion as required and going into production on schedule, take charge of the post-assessment of the key projects.

  12. Carry out the responsibilities of the western development program; implement the relevant national and provincial policy and formulate the local policy and regulations concerning development strategy, scheme and the key issues and organize the enforcement; organize and coordinate the work of developing NanGuiKun(Nanning, Guiyang, Kunming) economic development zone.

  13. Carry out the responsibilities of national economy mobilization; establish the national mobilization mechanism, structure and working system linked with national economy and military logistics; conduct the survey of national economy power of the city; study and put forward the scheme and plan of economy mobilization, organize the education of relevant laws and regulations, supervise the enforcement of the plan; conduct the mobilization work in peacetime and wartime and give logistics support to meet military needs.

  14. Offer service to the coordination of central and provincial enterprises and the economic and social development in the city.

  15. Undertake other issues delivered by CPC Guiyang committee, the municipal government and the Commission of Development and Reform of Guizhou Province.



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