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Guiyang City Administration Bureau

  Main Functions:

  1. In accordance with the national and provincial laws, principles and policies on urban management, city appearance and environmental sanitation, civic facilities, city public transportation, water supply and drainage, water conservation and urban comprehensive law enforcement, formulate local regulations and measures in this regard and supervise the implementation.

  2. Formulate the plan of urban administration according to the overall plan of urban construction and economic development; take charge of the management of public transportation, social transportation sector, water supply and drainage sector, city appearance and environmental sanitation sector, civic facilities sector, water conservation and the management of river in the city, and supervise the implementation.

  3. Take charge of the construction and administration of the law enforcement workforce for city planning; formulate relevant regulations and organize the enforcement, inspect and examine the law enforcement concerning city administration.

  4. Take charge of the management of environmental sanitation facilities, tools and machines, the harmless treatment and comprehensive utilization of residential waste and the management of construction waste; function as the administrative department in charge of city appearance and environmental sanitation; carry out unified leadership and management at different level of city sanitation; give guidance, service and supervision on work related to sanitation and environment in the six districts and the “one city and three counties” of Guiyang.

  5. Take charge of civic facilities, maintenance and management of the urban roads, bridges, underground passages and drainages; construct and manage the lighting facilities of urban roads and squares, and supervise and inspect the maintenance, construction and management.

  6. Carry out unified management of urban social transportation sector; formulate the overall plan of the trade and draft and implement relevant laws and regulations in this regard.

  7. Take charge of the construction, maintenance, mending and management of the urban river facilities (including afforestation) to ensure the sound function of the facilities.

  8. Organize the exploitation, development and protection of ground water and take charge of the water planning and water conservation in the city.  

  9. Take charge of the management of city public transportation sector; implement the public transportation planning; examine and approve o public transportation routes.

  10. Take charge of water supply sector; implement the water supply planning in the city.

  11. Manage the leaders and officials of the departments attached to Municipal Bureau of City Administration (Municipal Bureau of Comprehensive Administration) and offer guidance on the work of party building in departments concerned according to its jurisdiction.

  12. Promote cultural and ideological progress and the construction of workforce; organize the education and training of the staff and administer personnel, payment, professional technicians of the departments attached to the bureau.  

  13. Draft the annual fund using plan in the departments attached to the bureau; take charge of the compilation, summary and presentation of relevant statistical reports.

  14. Undertake other duties assigned by the Government of Guizhou Province, the Guiyang Municipal Government and the superior departments.



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