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Guiyang Grain Bureau

  Main Functions:

  1.Implement the guidelines and policies related to the grain circulation system reform; study and put forward this city’s mid-term and long-term and annual plans and organize their implementation regarding the macro-control and overall balance of grain and grain circulation.

  2.Formulate policies and regulations on the circulation and reserve of grain of the city and supervise the implementation; carry out macro management of the purchase, sale, transfer, deposit and processing of grain and oil.

  3.Issue state grain order plan at municipal level and carry out the state policies of purchasing all grain supply at protective prices; cooperate with relevant departments in closed operation of grain purchase fund; supervise and inspect the implementation of grain purchase and the pricing control; coordinate the municipalitycitycountyin regulation of grain surplus and deficiency according to the principle of profitable price sale; guide enterprises to establish grain producing bases and develop pre-ordered agriculture.

  4.Carry out macro-management of grain market and maintain normal order of the grain circulation and stabilize market prices; plan, coordinate and direct the construction of the wholesale market of grain at municipality and county level; develop the grain market system and invigorate grain circulation; guarantee the supply of grain and oil for the army; guide the supply of grain for the urban residents, the disaster-stricken area, reservoir immigrants, grain-lacking and poverty-stricken areas; arrange grain supply of key national construction projects, project of forest rehabilitation from farmland and other projects in need of grain supply under state protection.

  5.Be responsible for the management and allocation of capital of grain and oil at all levels; establish and improve the municipal system of grain and oil; formulate and arrange the layout of grain and oil reserve of the municipality; guide, coordinate and supervise the municipality’s grain and oil storage system and formulate and implement the construction plans of grain circulation, storage facilities and maintenance and renovation processing facilities.

  6.Carry out the state quality standard, policies and measures of grain and oil inspection; supervise and inspect the safety of state and local grain and oil storage.

  7.Manage the finance and the state-owned assets of the enterprises subordinated to the Bureau; carry out the work of finance, accounting and auditing; formulate statistical system and survey program of grain and oil reserve and circulation of grain and oil commodity.

  8.Manage and guide the personnel establishment and party organization of the internal departments and subordinated agencies; formulate the publicity program, education and training of the related agencies and take charge of the construction of spiritual civilization.

  9.Undertake other tasks assigned by Municipal Committee, Government and the authorities at higher level.


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