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Guiyang Bureau of Labor and Social Security

  Main Functions:

  1. Implement national principles, policies, laws and regulations concerning labor and social security; draw up reform plans, measures and annual working plans in the city for labor and social security work, and supervise their enforcement; organize the training of personnel in the field of labor and social security.

  2. Manage urban and rural labor forces in the city and their employmentdraw up basic policies and measures for the promotion of urban and rural employment; guide and regulate the construction of labor force market, establish and improve employment service mechanisms; manage and give service to citizens’ working abroad and expatriates’ working in Guiyang; work out plans and policies for the diversion, subsistence allowances and reemployment of laid-off workers and implement re-employment projects; ensure the orderly flow of rural labor forces in different regions.

  3. Formulate municipal standards for occupational classification and skills and draw up occupational certification system; comprehensively manage technical schools and vocational training institutions; offer guidance to on-job skill training for employees, re-employment trainings for the unemployed and laid-off workers; implement labor preparation system and organize vocational skill competitions in the city.

  4. Take charge of the work to improve labor relations, verify labor contracts and collective contracts and supervise their enforcement; supervise the implementation of policies on working hours of enterprise employees, rules for rest and vacation, home leave and employee benefit and special labor protection policies for female workers and workers under the age of 18; take charge of reassignment and replacement in accordance with policy and participate in the judgment of model workers in the city.

  5. Handling the settlement and arbitration of labor disputes; offer guidance on handling labor disputes in enterprises and undertake the duties of the Arbitration Committee of Labor Dispute of the city.

  6. Manage payment of enterprise employees in the city; implement relevant policies on the wage-level guidelines and monitor the wage levels; formulate policies on minimum wage and the adjustment of wage income for different industries and supervise their implementation; supervise the enforcement of the standard of the total wages of the enterprises, the annual salary of the manager and other wage standards; survey and declare the guiding wage in labor force market regularly.

  7. Take charge of the social insurance work in the city; draw up basic policies and standards for pension, unemployment insurance, medical care insurance, workplace injury insurance and maternity insurance and ensure their implementation; take charge of administration and settlement of the free medical care at state expense and undertake duties of the Labor Identification Committee of the city; draw up policies for qualification standards for complementary insurance agencies, examine and affirm the qualification of relevant institutions to undertake complementary insurance business.

  8. Formulate and implement policies for the collection, payment, management and operation of social insurance funds; examine the annual budgets and final accounts of social insurance funds; work out plans for the establishment of social insurance service system and ensure their implementation; administer social insurance agencies and exercise administrative supervision over the safe and effective management of social insurance funds.

  9. Administer the statistics,  information and standardization concerning labor and social insurance; create and manage the website to regularly release statistics, information and development prediction reports concerning labor and social security in the city; promote science and technology research in the area of labor and social security, application and publicity of research findings and industry development.

  10. Draft regulations and rules for the measures of labor protection supervision and guide its enforcement; supervise and administer enterprises’ and laborers’ observing labor laws and regulations at city level; coordinate and investigate major cases of violation of labor laws and emergencies.

  11. Take charge of international exchange and cooperation concerning labor and social security; develop and manage international aid projects and international loans.

  12. Undertake other issues delivered by the municipal CPC committee, the municipal government and the departments at higher levels.


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