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Equipment Manufacturing Industry

  Present Situation

  CPC Guiyang Committee and Municipal Government have greatly promoted the development of the equipment manufacturing industry for the past few years. The resources for the development of equipment main engines have been integrated by encouraging the upgrading development and independent supporting improvements of main engine products system, which realized the large-scale and standard seriate market supply allocation. By revitalizing the development of basal platform, the restructuring of enterprises diversification and the guidance of public finance, a number of leading equipment manufacturing industry foundations with strong competitiveness based on the development of basal platform like casting, forging, molding and thermal processing have been established. By cultivating and establishing a number of leading equipment manufacturing enterprises and big enterprise groups with strong competitiveness to initiate the technology innovation system with the enterprise playing the dominant role and set up the innovation platform, the main engine products and key spare parts with distinctive Guiyang characteristics and national influence have been produced. Since the implementation of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the number of the large-seized equipment manufacturing enterprises has increased annually by 20% in Guiyang. The industrial output value reached 14.1 billion Yuan in 2008, which accounted for 16% of the total value of the Municipality. It ranked No. 1 among all pillar industries in Guiyang.

  A number of large and medium sized equipment manufacturing enterprises with advanced facilities, strong technology and good economic returns in Guiyang play a powerful role throughout China. Among them, all indexes of Guizhou Jonyang Kinetics Co., Ltd. are in the leading position in the domestic excavation industry. Guizhou Xianfeng Industrial Corporation is one of ten large domestic enterprises which produce slideway grinders and forging equipments. Guiyang Xintian Optronics Technology Co., Ltd is a high and new technology enterprise whose business focusing on the researching, producing and selling all types of optical measuring instruments. Three military industrial bases named 011, 061 and 083 have well equipped facilities, abundant technologies and strong scientific research and development competence. Thirteen series of hydraulic products produced by these enterprises like high-pressure hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors are in the leading position in the domestic hydraulic industry. The “Hong Yang” Brand automobile rubber seal is crowned as the “little giant” of automobile spare parts.

  The total industrial value of equipment manufacturing industries (excluding military industries) in Guiyang is expected to arrive at around 30 billion Yuan by the year 2010, which will account for around 25% of the whole municipality’s industrial economic aggregate. By the year 2015, the industrial clusters with engineering machinery, special digital-controlled machine tool, petroleum machinery, specialized vehicle and automobile parts and accessories as the main products will come into appearance. The industrial system of civil equipment manufacturing which focusing on aviation industry will also be established. The nurture system for the favorable new areas of equipment manufacturing growth (including new technologies, new products and new production processes) will be created, too. The proportion of the equipment manufacturing industry will account for around 35% of the whole municipality’s industrial economic aggregate by then.

  Industry Development Advantages

  After three decades of reform and opening up, the industrial system of equipment manufacturing with reasonable industrial structure, complete product categories, strong comprehensive supporting system, abundant professionals and technicians, great capability for scientific research and development as well as production has been established gradually in Guiyang. As for the equipment manufacturing industry in Guiyang, the industry of electronic components, engineering machinery, automobile parts, special digital-controlled machine tools, wires and cables as well as tires etc. have enjoyed good reputation both home and abroad. Nearly 20 enterprise research and development centers and research institutes with advanced facilities and great research and development abilities gather in the Guiyang Xiaohe Economic Technology Development Zone. A large number of leading technicians for the national three-line construction constitutes a human resource reservoir with nearly 7,000 junior and senior engineers and quantities of qualified workers.

  With the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry in Guiyang, it’s urgent to expand the industrial space and optimize the industrial structure to solve problems facing manufacturing industry, for example, the loose industrial structure, weak supporting ability and high cost of supporting system etc. The equipment manufacturing industry will develop in an intensive and ecological way by solving the above problems. At present, the Guiyang Municipality is planning to build the Xiaohe-Mengguan Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Belt. It will take the development potentials of Guiyang and regional economic development into full consideration to establish a modern ecological industrial aggregation with categorized functions, integrated industries and optimized resource allocation.

  Focal Points of the Industry Development

  1. Engineering Machinery and Accessories Series

  To produce engineering machinery main engine products, which mainly include hydraulic excavator series, military special engineering machinery series, special engineering machines, large and medium-sized smashing machines and smashing workstations, mining scoop excavator series and tower cranes.

  2. Digital-controlled Machine Tools and Accessories Series

  To mainly produce digital-controlled machine tools like large and medium-sized digital-controlled roll grinders, digital-controlled centerless grinders, digital-controlled electrosparking cutting machines and the digital-controlled toothed grinder that is in the course of development.

  3. Coaches, Specialized Automobiles and Automobile Components Series

  To produce coaches, garbage trucks and specialized automobiles series as well as refitted automobiles with liquid natural gas as the power; to further speed up the expansion and technology upgrading of automobile component products; to complete the catalogues of tire products and improve the market share.

  4. To vigorously establish the basal platform of casting, forging, molding and thermal processing industries; to set up more than three enterprises which can cast and forge over 30 thousand tons of raw materials. One or two mold producing enterprises with an output value of 50 million Yuan will be developed. To integrate one medium and small-sized mold producing enterprise with an output value of 30 million Yuan; to agglomerate the thermal processing industries which scatter in the machinery manufacturing enterprise to realize the socialization and specialization of collaboration.

  5. Specialized Machines

  To energetically produce petroleum machinery products like petro exploration equipments, drilling tools and mining test instruments etc.; to produce logistics transport vehicles, sorting systems and machines as well as environmental protection facilities; to vigorously support the development and production of “professional, distinctive, specialized and new” equipment products including all types of specialized equipments, automobile electronics and first pieces (sets) of equipments etc.

  6. Modern Manufacturing Service Industry

  This industry includes product design, technology research and development, complete equipments, contracted projects and key delivery projects; modern reconstruction of systematical equipments; remote monitor, maintenance and failure diagnosis of systematical equipments; the recycling and reproducing of discarded products; training of manpower for clients; consultation and information service; spot test, maintenance and other services.

  Supporting Policies for the Industry Development

  1. Promoting policies and measures. Encourage the order and utilization of important or significant domestic technologies and equipments including first pieces (sets) of equipments. Under the equivalent conditions, the facilities for the projects in key areas should be purchased within the municipality or the province. The proprietors of projects can’t refuse the enterprises to participate in the bid invitation and submission of equipments with an excuse of no achievement. The research for an important or significant insurance system of technological equipments should be energetically carried out and established as quickly as possible. The risk and the profit of this system will be shouldered and enjoyed by the project owners, equipment manufacturing enterprises and insurance companies. The management for equipments importation should be intensified. The importation of important or significant technological equipments and key core equipments should be examined strictly. There is no need to import such equipments in principle if the equipments produced by the Municipality and the Province would fully meet the requirements.

  2. Increase funding support. Provide the industry section with no less than 100 million Yuan funds each year. The significant projects that can invigorate and develop the equipment manufacturing industry will be provided with centralized support. Projects that have significant influences on the restructuring and upgrading of the industry will enjoy prior support. The technological innovation and pilot-scale experiment of significant technological equipments as well as industrialization projects will also be supported. The qualified equipment manufacturing enterprises will be encouraged and guided to raise funds by entering the capital market to seek financing, issue corporate bonds and ask for bank loans. Provide more funds guidance to the construction of basal industry platforms for the equipment manufacturing industry with a focus on the key facilities and the improvement of core industries.

  3. The military-civilian scientific industrial system and operation mechanism will be vigorously established and improved. Under such a system and mechanism, the civilian and military scientific industry will be better integrated, take advantage of each other’s strengths, and advance with each other. Encourage the civilian industry to develop military products or vice versa.


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