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New Material Industry

  Present Situation

  Abundant mineral resources contribute to Guiyang’s status as a comprehensive industrial base featured by resource exploitation while abundant water and coal resources make Guiyang an energy base integrating hydro and thermal power. All those have laid a solid resource foundation for the development of new materials industry. Moreover, Guiyang government has granted preferential treatments to new materials industry in terms of tax, loan, land, energy, labor and service. The government is now promoting in full swing the infrastructure construction of “Guiyang New Materials Industry Park”.  

  In recent years, several enterprises dealing in new materials have emerged in Guiyang, such as Guizhou Yuanquan Environment Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Guiyang Jinghua Electronics Materials Co., Ltd., Guizhou Linhai New Materials Company, Guizhou Boshi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Guiyang Bestchem Technology Co., Ltd., Guizhou Luyang Engergy-saving Material Co., Ltd., Guizhou Huitong New Materials Development Co., Ltd. and Guizhou Zhenhuayatai High & New Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., etc. Now they have developed a range of high-tech new materials products, which are of advanced level in China and with great market potentials. The products are as follows: composite reverse osmosis film, conductive glass granules with low melting point, petroleum high-strength petrol fracturing propping agent, large-scale digital printing color material, high-purity solid phosphate, thick film conductive paste, polymeric matrix engineering composite materials and sealing strips for new-type car. However, the new material industry in Guiyang is still in the developing stage. At present, there is only one Guiyang (international) New Materials Industry Park(located in Baiyun Economic Development Zone) with more than 40 new materials enterprises, which account for only 10% of the total number of materials enterprises. Upgrading and improvement is badly needed in traditional materials industry while the industrialized scale needs to be enhanced. The rich materials resource is to be further developed, and the new material products have great market potentials.

  Industrial Development Advantages

  Guizhou boasts rich mineral resource. It is one of provinces with the most phosphorous reserve in China, which constitutes 38% of the total exploitable reserve. The bauxite reserve ranks top in the country, with its industrial reserve of 119.2 million tons, and prospective reserve of 286.44 million tons. Among 52 mineral resources being discovered in Guiyang, bauxite accounts for 1/5 of China’s total, whereas phosphorous reserve ranks top in the country. Guiyang is one of the three biggest phosphorous bases in China. The reserve of manganese, barites, silica, gallium, zinc and mercury rank among top four in the country, and has formed certain exploitation scale. The exploitable water energy in Guiyang is 6.15 million KWs with the installed capacity of hydropower station nearly 1 million KWs. It is one of the ten biggest hydropower bases in China. Besides, Guiyang has 895 million tons of coal reserve. Guiyang has become the energy base of hydropower and thermal power dependent on its rich water and coal resources. The above laid a solid resource base for development of new materials industry.

  There are 14 colleges and universities in Guiyang with 320 thousand undergraduates and 6050 graduate students. There are more than 60 scientific research institutes with more than 3,000 senior technical personnel. There are 2 key country-level laboratories, 5 country-level engineering technological development centers and above 30 province-level engineering technological research centers. There are 53 province-level technological centers in enterprises and above 2000 intermediate and senior technical personnel in privately owned technological enterprises. On the other hand, a large amount of technicians gather in the military enterprises, which provides personnel reserve for the development of new materials industry.

  Guiyang government has granted preferential treatments to new materials industry in terms of tax, loan, land, energy, labor and service. The government is now promoting in full swing the infrastructure construction of “Guiyang New Materials Industry Park.

  Focal Points of Industrial Development

  During the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, we will focus on expanding and building national new materials industry base----“Guiyang New Materials Industry Park”. Relying on the traditional materials industry, we will strengthen scientific technological innovation and quicken high-tech industrialization. We will develop new materials involved in chemical industry, building materials, electronics and machinery. We will quicken the industrialization of metal and polymer modified materials as well as nano-modified materials by diversifying varieties and forming economic scale. By 2010, the sales volume will amount to about 5 billion Yuan.

  Fields of Development

  1.  Chemical new materials: petroleum high-strength compressive propping agent, high polymer resin composite materials, phosphor feed additive, large-screen digital printing color material and automobile sealing materials, etc.

  2.   New energy materials: the relevant materials of Li-ion battery.

  3. Electronic information materials: conducting material, photoelectron counterfeit-preventing materials and IC polishing materials, etc.

  4 New building materials: aluminum composite materials, water-born architectural coating materials and new type wall materials, etc.

  5.  High performance metal materials: aluminum alloy material for automobile use, light-metal alloy materials for aviation use, drilling steel, drill shank and drill tool, etc.

  6 Nano new materials: nano-composite and nano-powder materials.

  7  New materials of national defense and transportation, etc.

  Key Projects

  1. “Composite reverse osmosis film”by Guizhou Yuanquan Environmental Protection Technological Co., Ltd.

  2. “Conductive glass granules with low melting point” by Guiyang Jinghua Electronics Materials Co., Ltd.

  3. “86 Mpa-102 Mpa high-strength propping agent” by Guizhou Linhai New Materials Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

  4. “Positive pole materials of Li-cobalt and Li-ion battery” by Guizhou Huitong New Materials Development Co., Ltd.

  5.  Series composite materials and products of modified high polymer resin by Guizhou Engineering Composite Materials Center.

  6. “Thick film conductive paste” by Guizhou Zhenhuayatai High & New Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.

  7. Large-screen digital printing color materials by Guizhou Boshi Culture and Sports Commodity Co., Ltd.

  8. “Feed-grade tri-calcium phosphate” by Guiyang Changnan Technology Co., Ltd.

  9. “New materials and new techniques for small drilling shank” by Guizhou Sanzhan Drilling Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd.

  10. “New-type architectural composite materials” by Guiyang Guangsha Building Materials Company.

  11. “AVS water-emulsion high-durable wall external coating materials by Guiyang Shuijing Organic Chemical Group Company.

  12. “Industrialization of Super high-purity silicon dioxide and polishing fluid” by Guizhou New Materials (Mining) Development Co., Ltd.


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