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Farm Produce Processing

  Present Situation:

  During the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the farm produce processing in Guiyang has been developing very fast and has played an important role in accelerating national economic growth, promoting the restructuring of rural economy and enhancing agricultural comprehensive benefits. It also has explored new ways to realize farmers’ employment and increase their income. The municipality, exerting its own advantages, initially identified the focus of industry development. With the leading sectors and products as the center, the scale of bases is enlarging; processing enterprises spring up and feature industry is taking shape with obvious superiority. A structure with regionalized layout, centralized management and specialized production has gradually taken form. Feature produce processing enterprises dealing in pepper and vegetable are developing with a 20% annual increase rate. A group of famous brands including “Laoganma”,“Guizhou Longshanxiangfang”, “Qianwufu”, “Zhongyi”, “laogandie”, “Miaoguniang” and “Weimei” are well received by consumers.

  The development in Huaxi, Wudang has given impetus to the development of feature produce processing industry in such districts and counties as Kaiyang, Xiuwen, Qingzhen and Xifeng. Huaxi District has been honored the “National Demonstration Base of Produce Processing” while Wudang District was named “Provincial-level Demonstration Base of Produce Processing”. Produce Processing has become one of the important industries with dramatic growth in Guiyang national economy.

  However, the output of farm produce processing industry is relatively small leading enterprises are small in number and scale with weak influence on the overall industry. Moreover, the integration level of production, processing and circulation is low while the fund for industry development is insufficient. Besides, the standardized system of agricultural industry has not yet established and market informationization level is still low. All these limit the development of farm produce processing.

  Industrial Development Advantages

  Thanks to favorable ecological environment, mild climate, ample rainfall and little pollution in Guiyang, its biological resources are abundant. The output of crops, oil crops, fruits, vegetables, livestock and all kinds of wild plants is high, including thorn pear, kiwi fruit, pteridophyte and bamboo shoots, etc. Guiyang is suitable for producing organic foods and green foods.

  By the end of 2008, altogether 726 livestock breeding farms of varied types including pig, cow, meat-purpose chicken and rabbit have been set up. Besides, a chicken raising zone centering on Qingzhen and pig-raising zone centering on Kaiyang, Xiuwen, Wudang have been built.

  Being a new industry in Guiyang, flower plantation started in 2003 and has become an important industry in modern eco-agriculture in Guiyang. At present, five fresh-cut flower bases including rose, carnation, gerbera, calla lily, gardenia flower and industrialized production base of butterfly orchid and so on have been established. Parts of the products find way to domestic and international market including Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and Japan

  Guiyang also vigorously develops the fruit tree industry. High-quality fruit bases covering 246 thousand mu are built with the output of fruit up to 86.5 thousand tons and total value about 300 million Yuan.

  At the end of 2007, CPC Guiyang Committee made a decision to build Guiyang into an ecological and civilized city, which pointed out that the city wound actively develop leading industries such as vegetable, fruit, livestock and flower with the rural and urban feature agriculture as the focuses. We will spend 3 to 5 years to foster the existing key enterprises and establish a range of farm produce processing enterprises and demonstration bases in order to greatly increase the ratio of produce processing output in the total output value and industrial added value. It shall become the important factor to promote rural economy development. By 2010, feature farm produce processing industry shall achieve a sales income of 6 billion Yuan.

  Industry Development Measures

  1. Formulate and complete development plan for produce processing industry of the city. Relying on the advantageous and characteristic resources in counties, we will vigorously push forward industries in this respect; we will strengthen the support on tea, pepper, drink processing and livestock processing and develop small-scaled enterprises with great market potential and characteristics.

  2. Push forward technology development and innovation. We will encourage enterprises to develop and adopt new technology. We strongly support the enterprises’ cooperation with colleges and research institutes or establishment of research and development center independently to explore new products, new technology and new techniques so as to upgrade the modernization level of produce processing.

  3. Carry out brand strategy and foster feature brands. We will actively carry out brand strategy; help and support enterprises to set up feature brands; speed up transforming resource advantages to economic advantages; foster industry, products or brands with distinct regional characteristics by highlighting market-orientation, specialization and cooperation as well as industrial complementarities.

  4.  Offer financing service, improve service means and lead enterprises to run business honestly so as to lay a solid foundation for broadening financial channels. We will help to set up link between the banking and enterprises and the credit guarantee system for medium and small sized enterprises. We will provide enterprises with a platform for information exchange, technical service agencies, financing channels.

  5. Construct a platform of education and training and upgrade the consultation service. Basing on the professional consultation panel of farm produce processing, we will set out to organize a professional consultation panel of cycling economy to offer technical consultation for pilot enterprises in terms of energy saving and environmental protection and treatment.  


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