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Aluminum Processing

  Present Situation

  Located in Baiyun Economic Development Zone, China Aluminum General Company Guizhou Branch, possessing advanced equipment and techniques, has more than 10 series and 39 kinds of products, such as aluminum oxide, electrolytic aluminum and aluminum moulds. The company produces annually 470,000 tons electrolytic aluminum, 1.2 million tons aluminum oxide. A new production line with a capacity of 400,000 ton has been installed to further enhance its production output. The aluminum ingot produced by the company is not only rated as excellent product by the ministry, province and famous-brand product in Guizhou, but also is exempted from export inspection. The other aluminum processing enterprises and main products include: aluminum ingot and products by Guizhou Yuanye Aluminum-alloy Co., Ltd., “Baoguang” pipe and slab by Guizhou Aluminum Processing Co., Ltd., engine standard component for Santana and Wuyang Honda made by China Aviation Industrial Standard Component Manufacturing Company; petrol fracturing propping agent produced by Guizhou LInhai New Materials Manufacturing Co., Ltd..

  Aluminum processing industry in Guiyang enjoys comprehensive advantages in terms of equipment, technology, talents, market, management and capital. But most of the products----aluminum oxide, electrolysis aluminum and abrasives are among the middle and upstream products. Since the domestic and international market demands some downstream products, like refractory materials, slab foil and foam aluminum, to develop deep-processing downstream products is full of potential and prospect.

  Industrial Development Advantages

  Bauxite reserve in Guizhou ranks top in the country. The confirmed reserve of bauxite is 424 million tons. The grades are as follows: aluminum oxide 65.46%, silicon oxide 8.82%, ferric oxide 5.67%, and ratio of aluminum to silicon 7.42. The confirmed reserve of bauxite in Guiyang is 314 million tons and 67% of the reserve has the ratio of aluminum to silicon over 8, higher than the average in the country, favorable for the development of non-ferrous metal raw materials industry and processing industry.

  Guiyang is one of ten hydropower bases in China, with 98 rivers, 4.679 billion m3 water resource capacity, 61.5 million KWs exploitable electricity and nearly 1 million KWs installed capacity. The total coal reserve amounts to 895 million tons and installed capacity of 985 million KWs. Coal resource is diversified in kinds and easily exploitable. Now hydropower and thermal-power is complementary to each other due to rich water and coal resources, which contribute to the sufficient, stable and inexpensive electricity supply in Guiyang.

  Aviation, aerospace and electronics bases have been set up in Guizhou by the central government. Lots of excellent professionals have been trained and the proportion of technicians exceeds the national average. The price of productive factors is comparatively low, and fixed-assets invested costs for building materials and construction are far less than those in east coastal provinces. Moreover, labor cost is less than that in coastal provinces due to ample labor supply. What is more, according to the development plan of Guiyang Municipality, a new high-tech zone of international level is now under construction which will include 50,000 square meters standard factory building to attract aluminum deep-processing enterprises to enter the zone.

  Focal Point of Industrial Development

  During the period of Eleventh Five-year Plan, dependant on the present advantages in aluminum resource and energy, we will carry out integration of electricity and aluminum and clustering development. In order to energize aluminum industry in scale, quality and benefits, we will improve technologies and protect environment, expand scale, promote deep-processing and increase added value of product. We will complete renovation and expanding of aluminum oxide and electrolysis aluminum projects of China Aluminum General Company Guizhou Branch; encourage deep-processing project of China Aluminum General Company Guizhou Branch, Doupengshan aluminum exploiting project in Baiyun District, carbon & positive pole & negative pole projects of China Aluminum General Company Guizhou Branch; aluminum deep-processing R&D center, and foam aluminum development project. We will encourage and support investment in aluminum deep-processing projects, such as packing for tobacco, foodstuff, pharmaceuticals as well as automobile parts and electronic products. The sales revenue is expected to reach around 15 billion Yuan in 2010 and a national key aluminum production base will be initially put into shape.

  Key Investment Projects:

  1. High precise aluminum band.

  2. Electronic aluminum foil.

  3. Hydrophilic aluminum foil.

  4. Large aluminum moulds.

  5. Coating aluminum.

  6. Aluminum and aluminum-alloy casting mould alloy pipe, stick.

  7. Aluminum alloy wheel hub.

  8. Manufacture of aluminum radiator.

  9. Aluminum compound plastic pipe.

  10. Color coating aluminum slab.

  11. Aluminum screen slab.

  12. High-performance electrolytic capacity foil.

  13. Aluminum alloy special mould.

  14. Tin materials

  15. PS sheet.

  16. Air-conditioner foil.

  17. Aluminum belt for tin.

  18. Aluminum slab for aviation.

  19. Aluminum slab for construction and decoration.

  20. Cold-rolled aluminum slab, belt and foil.

  21. Aluminum plastic pipe.

  22. Handicraft made of aluminum.

  23. Furniture made of aluminum.

  24. Processing materials mainly made of aluminum, such as building materials, transport materials, electric materials, corrosion-resistant materials, foodstuff packing materials.  


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