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Development Wave in Jinyang

  Jinyang New District(JYND) nestled in hills and surrounded by rivers, is not only an ideal place for your habitation but also an optimal choice for your investment since it is now  under big construction and implies great commercial prospect. Welcome you to JYND for sightseeing, visiting and investment. We are ready to offer you superior service.

  The administrative compound of Guiyang Municipal Government is situated in JYND. It is a key place to be developed in the city, which is an urban new district officially approved by the State Council. Situated at the northwestern part of the original downtown area, it is 12 kilometers from the downtown, about 10 minutes’ drive. JYND is designed to be a center of administration, education, habitation, culture, finance, commerce, trade and high & new technology. Guiyang government is exerting all the efforts to build JYND into an ecological, digitalized, new and modernized city, achieving sustainable development in this place, which will become another center of the urban development besides the old downtown.

  During the inspection made by President Hu Jintao in Guizhou during the Spring Festival of 2005, he instructed that JYND should be well constructed. Guiyang government is now carrying out construction in full swing.

  The construction of the new district was started in October, 2001. After several years’ efforts, the 64km trunk line within the range of 17 square kilometers has been finished and open to traffic. The complementary facilities like water, electricity, gas and communications have been completed. Meanwhile, the construction of the municipal engineering within the 40 square kilometers of the new district is now being undertaken.

  IIndustrial Development Plan

  During the period of Eleventh Five Year (2006—2010), the overall target for JYND is: one change to take place at one year, great changes to make in three years, and to establish a well-functioned, industrially developed and high quality modernized new district within 5 years, while the population will reach 180 thousand and the construction of infrastructure as well as complementary facilities will be finished within the area of 40 sqare kilometers. The total input for the 5 year will be more than 40 billion yuan.

  There are three phases in terms of development:

  *Construction phase: up to 2000-2010, urban construction land planned to be 17 square kilometers, population planned to be 180,000;

  *Planning-controlling phase: up to 2011-2020, urban construction land planned to be 40 square kilometers, population planned to be 400,000;

  *Future-planning-controlled phase: up to 2021-2050, urban construction land planned to be 198 square kilometers.

  II. Focal Point for Investment

  Taking use of the market operation, JYND government invites investment to develop industries with high profit, low resource consumption and low pollution, such as high & new tech industry, modern service industry, headquarter economy, entertainment & tourism, catering, education and sport industry, etc.

  Three Big Projects

  1. Industrial development project: Strengthening commerce, trade, logistics, finance, real estate, tourism and entertainment, educational technology, culture and sport industry, etc.

  2. Urban and rural areas unified planning project: Upon the request for united-development of urban and rural area, speeding up the process of integrating urban and rural areas, promoting urbanization in JYND, initially establishing employment and social security system for farmers that lost the farming land; realizing reforming and upgrading in agricultural economy.  

  3. Integrated construction project: Promoting the shift of productive factor to JYND and stimulating enthusiasm of the relevant districts (cities); carrying out “expanding to the Daguan in the east, to Sanqiao Bridge in the south, to Baihua Lake in the west and connect with Baiyun District”. Thus an integrated urban construction development format will be shaped as a result of favorable collaboration of Two Centers and Groups Development Jointly.

  Eight Functional Parts of the City

  1. Municipal infrastructure: to complete the road connecting JYND with the old downtown, scenic spots nearby and highway as well as road network within 40 square km of JYND; finish public facilities construction, such as water transmit, sewage disposal, electricity, gas supply, post, telecommunication network, passenger traffic, hospital, primary & middle schools, etc.

  2. Scientific garden: to set up scientific education garden composed by University City and scientific & research base.

  3. Sport culture: to construct sport culture facilities, such as sport s center, youngsters’ recreation center, exhibition center, workers’ cultural Palace, museum, theatre and book city, etc..

  4. Administrative compound: to establish an administrative compound concentrated by representative offices of the Central Government stationed in Guiyang, provincial departments and municipal administrative centre.

  5. New type residential quarters: to build new type residential quarters with ecological, digitalized and complete facilities, and make them become the most favorable living places.

  6. Tourism and entertainment: to build scenic spots consisting of Jinhua Lake, Baihua Lake, Shi’ertan Reservoir, Changpoling Park and Shilin Park.

  7. Contemporary service industry: to develop contemporary service industry, such as central commerce area, financial service area, headquarter economy area, hotel & entertainment area and logistics area, etc..

  8. High & new tech industry: to develop Jinyang Garden of High & New Tech Development Zone, and IT industrial park.

  III. Key Investment Projects in 2009

  Guiyang International Conference and Exhibition Center, Guiyang-Guangzhou Express Railway Corporation, Central Ring Landscape Industry, industrial belt along Guiyang to Jinyang Expressway, industrial belt along Beijing West Road, Shi’ertan Park, Shilin Park, Jinyanghong Street, Jinyang Commercial Pedestrian Street and various large-scale enterprises’ headquarters, supermarkets, hotels and catering and entertainment centers.  

  IV. Industry Development Supporting Policy

  1. On Nov. 3rd, 2005, Guiyang Municipal Government issued “Investment Promotion Supporting Policies of Guiyang Jinyang New District”. For details please refer to “Notice on Publishing Investment Promotion Supporting Policies of Guiyang Jinyang New District by Guiyang Municipal Government” ( No.(2005)75 Guiyang Government).

  2. As for new & high tech industry, please see the relevant supporting policies of Guiyang National High & New Tech Industrial Development Zone. You can surf the website of China Guiyang Investment Introduction: www.gyinvest.gov.cn


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