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Opinions on Accelerating the Reform and Development of Jinyang New District by CPC Guiyang Committee and Guiyang Municipal Government

  In order to comprehensively implement the scientific viewpoint of development and speed up the pace of building Guiyang into an ecological and cultural city, and taking the new situation, new requirements and new tasks faced by Jinyang New District into consideration, CPC Guiyang Committee and Guiyang Municipal Government hence proposed the following opinions on accelerating the reform and development of Jinyang New District

  IAccelerating the Reform and Development of Jinyang New District is an Urgent Task to Satisfy the Developing Demands of the Current Situation.

  1. The new situation in the aspect of construction faced by Jinyang New District should be profoundly recognized. With the proper guidance, attention and support by the provincial Committee and Government, Guiyang Muncipality has forcefully put forward the exploration, development and construction of Jinyang New District. After eight years of working, 17 square kilometers of infrastructure have been basically constructed; a set of matching facilities have been completed and put into practice; the functions of the city have been gradually perfected; 40 square kilometers of infrastructure construction have begun comprehensively; and the basic shape of the new-type and modern city-district has been presented initially. With the shifting of the national Hi-tech industry development zone of Guiyang City toward the north of the city, the Jinyang Community Office, Jinhua Town and Zhuchang Town have been put under jurisdiction of Jinyang New District so as to continuously expand the developing space of Jinyang New District; the “7+2” major railway construction projects of the national, provincial and municipal levels, as represented by the Guiyang to Guangzhou express railway, have started comprehensively. Jinyang New District is now in the critical stage of speeding up, large expansion and fast development, which is also an important period of time to promote harmonious development of economy and society and accelerate the construction of an ecological and cultural city.

  2. The necessity and emergency of speeding up the reform and development in Jinyang New District should be profoundly recognized. The construction and development of Jinyang New District are critical to the overall development of the province and the city, and to the smooth realization of the goal of constructing an ecological and cultural city. In recent years, the situation in our city and Jinyang New District has changed profoundly, which poses higher and newer requirements for the comprehensive development of the new district. The task of developing the economy and society of Jinyang New District has become more and more urgent; the city management and social construction need to be strengthened, and the existing management system and operational mechanism could not satisfy the new development requirements. Therefore, we must further accelerate the reform and development of the new district, adjust the goals and tasks timely, perfect the development planning, build Jinyang New District into a model for other cities in the construction of an ecological and cultural city so as to be the first to realize the leap-forward development in the aspect of economy and society.

  II. The Overall Objectives of Reform and Development

  3. Overall objectives. With the concept of scientific development as the commanding point, and with accelerating the construction of ecological and cultural city as the main point and starting point,  we will deepen the reform of the management system, broaden the financing channels, strengthen urban management, social management and public service, pay special attention to the ecological improvement and environmental protection, speed up the industrial development and the concentration of population, and conduct unified management of rural and urban development. By 2012, the target of the index system of constructing ecological and cultural city in Guiyang shall be fully realized. By 2013, the basic administrative management system shall have been established. On the basis of fully completing the exploration and construction of the district, the infrastructure, urban functions and ecological industry layout will have been perfected basically, reasonable ecological industrial structure and industrial system set up, social public service system perfected. Between the year 2009 and 2013, total investment of over 40 billion yuan in fixed assets shall have been completed with a population ofabove 300, 000. Between the year 2013 and 2020, infrastructure construction, function perfecting and construction of regional ecological civilization in Jinyang New District, 198 square kilometers of dominating area shall have been completed basically. In accordance with the requirements of constructing the ecological and cultural urban district, Jinyang New District should be made into a new type district featuring in ecology, gardening and digitalization with our effort and the economy, society, culture and ecology in Jinyang New District should be promoted vigorously to develop healthily and harmoniously.

  III. Deepening the System and Mechanism Reform and Perfecting the Managing Function

  4. Reforming the administrative system. The Jinyang New District Administrative Committee needs to accelerate the declaration for being an administrative district, to establish and perfect the related functional institutions, gradually converting to the administrative district; to strengthen fully the economic management, social management, planning management and public service functions in the 198 square kilometers’ dominating area and to promote forcefully the urban and rural development with a plan as a whole.

  5. Strengthening personnel management. The institutions sent by the city-level departments to Jinyang New District must be under the dual management from the original departments and the Working Committee of Jinyang New District. The appointment and removal of the persons in charge of the local institutions must be submitted for approval by CCP Working Committee of Jinyang New District. The personnel system in Jinyang New District must be reformed, and the new personnel management system of all-competing-for-posts, exchanging posts and employing for some posts must be carried out.

  6. Strengthening administrative consignation. The relevant functional departments such as the personnel department, construction department, housing safeguarding and property management department, and the departments in charge of civil air defense, labor and social security, and forestry of the city level legally authorize or consign the relevant departments of the administrative committee of Jinyang New District to exercise the related authorities such as administrative licensing and penalties of the city-level. The administrative committee of Jinyang New District has set up in the municipal service hall all the corresponding counters to examine, approve and handle different types of license such as pollution discharging license in this district, demolition license, building ownership credentials and booking license for commodity houses.  The urban comprehensive enforcement authority of Jinyang New District will be performed by the Jinyang Branch of the city bureau in charge of comprehensive law enforcement.

  7. Improving the fiscal and tax collection system. Jinyang New District, a new administrative district, has carried out different types of work such as the system of finance and tax, fiscal business and transfer payment. By 2012, the full income acquired in the dominating area of Jinyang New District will continue to be used by Jinyang New District in the aspects of institution operation, exploration and construction, debt payment. All the production and business operation entities in Jinyang New District will be taxed by Jinyang’s department in charge of tax collection, according to the principle of dependency management. When respective city-level departments arrange various kinds of fund such as appropriation by upper-level departments and transfer payment, they should consider Jinyang New District as an administrative district with a plan as a whole.  

  8. Promoting enterprise reform. The Guiyang Jinyang New District Development and Construction Co. LTD carries out separate management system and operational mechanism from the Administrative Committee of Jinyang New District according to the principle of “separating business from politics”. By April of 2009, Guiyang Jinyang New District Construction Investment (Group) Co. Ltd. will have been set up on the basis of the present Development and Construction Co. Ltd. According to the relevant provisions of the company law, it will establish modern enterprise system of clarified property and right, accurate responsibility and right and scientific management; it will perfect the managing structure of legal body, face the market, operate by itself, develop by itself, return the loans by itself and actively participate in market competition. The newly formed Guiyang Jinyang New District Construction Investment (Group) Co. Ltd. will complete such work as infrastructure construction and the first land in the planned area of Jinyang New District, under the guidance of the Administrative Committee of Jinyang New District.

  9. Widening financing channels. Fiscal and financial leverage should be made full use of, social capital participation in the construction of urban infrastructure, public welfare and social undertaking should be encouraged and guided. A new pattern of financing system which includes diversified investing bodies, enterprise-like operational body and market-like operation and management will be gradually formed. Issuing enterprise bonds by the construction investment (group) the limited company of Jinyang, Guiyang will be supported. Expanding funding sources and accelerating capital circulation by means of BT, BOT and TOT will be encouraged.

  IV.  Developing the ecological industry and promoting harmonious economic development

  10. Vigorously developing logistics industry and commercial service industry. According to the requirements of “the Development Plan of Modern Logistics in Guiyang Municipality(2008-2020)”, from 2009,  the construction of the 11 m2 logistics park, market belt  and supporting infrastructure have been started, and the logistics and trade park supporting the Guiyang to Guangzhou express railway has been started. By 2012, Jinyang Logistics Park will have been completed and put into use. Enterprises in Jinyang New District are encouraged to adopt various models of logistics system such as distribution-oriented type, industrial base-oriented and trade-oriented distribution. Large commercial facilities such as supermarkets, warehouse stores, feature commercial blocks, automobile 4S stores and professional markets developed and constructed in Jinyang New District will be encouraged. Convenient service industries such as chain stores, community business, characteristic catering, teahouses, bars, hairdressing, bath, leisure and entertainment, small shops and small department stores will be developed actively. By 2013, more than 1 million square meters of commercial shopping centers of various kinds will have been built.

  11. Actively developing headquarters economy. Business office building economy will be developed. Such financial institutions as banking, insurance, securities and affiance, the top 500 enterprises in the world, the domestic top 500, the private top 100, and listed companies home and abroad will be encouraged to enter Jinyang New District. National key scientific research institutions and all kinds of engineering (technology) research centers, R&D centers, key laboratories, hi-tech pioneering service centers, new product development and design centers and decision-making operation centers will be introduced. The construction of the central business district will be promoted. By 2013, over 10 enterprise headquarters buildings will have been introduced and built. The enterprise headquarters transferred from other areas (city, county) in Guiyang should be taxed obliged fees by Jinyang New District in a unified way. After this, the areas (city, county) from which the enterprise headquarters transfer will get compensated according to a certain proportion and the concrete proportion will be settled by consultation  between the Administrative Committee of Jinyang New District and the related areas (city, county).

  12. Speeding up the development of the new service industry. The exhibition and conference service industry will be vigorously developed, and such industries and projects in the aspects of culture, science and technology, sports and tourism as innovating design, 3G network games, cartoon, radio, film and television, hi-tech advertising, network media will be actively supported. In 2009, the construction of the sports park has been launched. In 2010, the first phase of the Olympic Sports Centre will have been completed. In 2011, Guiyang International Conference and Exhibition Center project will have been completed and put into use. By 2012, the wireless Internet covering 40 square kilometers of Jinyang New District will have been completed. By 2013, the projects of the Olympic Sports Center, the Sport Park, the Guanshan Park, the Shi’ertan Park and "Cultural Mountain” will be completed.

  V. Implementing Scheme of People's Livelihood, Strengthening the Social Management

  13. Implementing the scheme of people’s livelihood comprehensively. The service system of employment should be established and perfected, the enterprises in this district are encouraged to employ the local peasant workers and the social groups in great difficulty. The construction and planning of the peasants’ settlement housing should be accelerated, and the living conditions in Jinyang New District should be improved. The coverage of the social insurance in the enterprises, the residents and the farmers in Jinyang New District should be expanded; the proportion of the landless peasants’ participating in the social security should be increased. The new type of rural cooperative medical system should be consolidated and developed. The proportion of agricultural population joining the system should be increased. The centre of social security and medical care of Jinyang New District will be set up, and the construction of the vocational school of Jinyang New District will be started, public employment service agencies and employment agencies will be introduced. Education investment will be increased; education expenditure will be incorporated into the fiscal budget. The Education Development Planning (2009-2013) in Jinyang New District will be formulated. One or two standardized middle school and primary schools will be newly constructed or transformed or expanded each year so as to ensure that all school-age children in Jinyang New District can receive compulsory education. One model kindergarten of the provincial level and one of the city level will be set up, and one high school will be set up according to the criteria of the modal high school of the provincial level. The Jinyang class of the No. 1 Middle School will be set up, and the students who have residence register in Jinyang New District and actually live and study here can be enrolled. By 2012 the proportion of receiving high school education will have reached more than 90%.

  14. Strengthening and improving social management. Basic work of the basic level should be strengthened, and community construction, the construction of democracy at the grass-roots level, and of the Party organization should be promoted. The service-oriented and law-based government will be formed, and managing the district according to the law will be promoted. The focus is to strengthen the security patrol in the area next to the Jinyang New District, to crackdown "two types of robberies and one type of burglary" and to create a community without drug. The service and management for the migrant population should be strengthened, and the response to public emergencies should be formulated and perfected so as to practically safeguard the social stability.

  VI. Persisting the Notion of Ecological Civilization and Strengthening the Planning and Management

  15. Scientifically adjusting and revising the planning. In accordance with the requirements of “the Overall Planning of Ecological Civilization Guiyang Municipality”, social development planning, the regional planning and the regulatory detailed planning in the 198 square kilometers’ area should be formulated in greater speed. The integrated urban and rural planning system of ecological cultivation including the level planning in Jinyang New District, special planning and professional planning should be established. Combined with the actual extension of Jinyang New District, priority zones, key zones, zones for limited use and forbidden zones will be demarcated scientifically and reasonably. During the first half of 2010 the planning scheme of demarcating zones in Jinyang New District’s 198 square kilometers’ area will have been worked out. The planning of industry layout on the both sides of the northern section of the central ring, Guiyang to Jinyang Expressway and Beijing West Road will be started and organized and carried out.

  16. Strictly planning and managing. management will be carried out in accordance with the rules and major planning will be submitted to the city’s Urban and Rural Planning and Construction Committee for approval according to the procedures. The notice system of planning will be perfected, the opinions of all parties will be listened to, and the public supervising will be accepted. The seriousness of planning will be maintained practically; the development and construction should strictly conform to the approved planning, and the planning freely mustn’t be adjusted at random.

  VII. Strengthening the Urban Management and Creating Beautiful Ecological Environment

  17. Strengthening the ecological environment construction. The protection of parks, the green axis, wetland, greenbelt, vegetation and forest resources should be vigorously strengthened. Illegal cases of destroying the ecological environment will be seriously investigated and dealt with. The ecological environment will be protected according to the law. All kinds of pollution will be controlled strictly. The repair and reconstruction of the damaged ecological environment will be accelerated. The environmental management and protection of the Baihua Lake in the dominating area of Jinyang New District will be paid close attention. All kinds of ecological environmental protection project, the substitute industry and alternative energy will be supported and developed. Five water-saving and energy-saving green communities will have been completed with great efforts in Jinyang New District by 2013; the drainage system will be improved and the discharge of rain and sewage will be separated, and the rate of the urban sewage treatment will reach 100%.

  18. Ensuring the smooth traffic between the new urban district and the old one smooth. The service network of public passenger transport in Jinyang New District will be set up with the government as the dominating force. The organization, coordination, service and management of the public transportation in the district and the linking traffic between the new urban district and the old one will be strengthened by the administrative departments and managing agencies in charge of the city passenger transportation. Government-led, market-oriented operation will be carried out. The branch company of public transportation in Jinyang New District will be established as soon as possible and the timing and fixed, closed and express lines of public transportation will be added.

  19. Carrying out the long-term management and grid management which is called “Dealing with dirty environment and untidiness”. The standardized management in the aspects of environmental health and decontamination of refuse will be strengthened. Such convenient facilities as a set of public toilets and small markets will be planned and constructed. The administrative examination and approval in the aspects of outdoor advertising, street lighting and lighting engineering facilities will be regulated, and those aspects will be set up in a unified way strictly according to the approved planned program. The community afforesting and greening, the construction of the mountain park and the stereoscopic afforesting and beautification along the main avenues will be strengthened. A modal district of constructing a city of ecological civilization will be created comprehensively.

  VIII. Planning Urban and Rural Development as a Whole and Improving the Urbanization Rate

  20. Promoting the integration of urban and rural areas. By 2010, the agricultural registered permanent residence in the district will be changed into non-agricultural registered permanent residence. The farmers here can temporally retain the contract right of their original land and enjoy corresponding treatments of rural residents. The farmers will be encouraged to build concentrated residential areas or to establish industries in the designated areas taking the form of cooperation or pooling of land and conforming to the unified planning, designing and construction criteria on the premise that the nature of land use is not changed,. By 2013, the pattern of integrated development of urban and rural areas will have been formed generally in the 40 square kilometers’ area of Jinyang New District, and it will be gradually applied in the area of 198 square kilometers.

  21.  Accelerating the pace of “changing the village into the residential committee". By 2010, the transformation of the town of Jinhua and the town of Zhuchang into street offices will have been completed. By 2013, the changing of the village into the residential committee in this district will have been completed. According to the corresponding situation of the living residents, such institutions as community residential committees and police stations will be set up correspondingly. The names of addresses in this district will be adjusted and regulated so as to show the urban image of Jinyang New District.

  IX. Strengthening Policy Support and Injecting Vitality of Development

  22. Establishing the mechanism of green channel for key projects. The major projects such as all the listed practical projects, infrastructure projects and major investment industry projects carried out in Jinyang New District can be brought into the green channel of the key projects in the city. Special cases will be dealt with specially and different cases will be discussed separately.

  23. Encouraging the construction of public facilities. Such major public facilities projects as the Mountain-watching Park, the Olympic Sports Center, Guiyang International Conference and Exhibition Center, culture and sports facilities will continue to enjoy the preferential policy of municipal matching fees reduction.

  24. Ensuring the land supply. In the arrangement of annual land use quota, priority will be given to Jinyang New District. Developing the ecological industry projects in Jinyang New District such as the modern service industry will be preferentially supported.

  25. Supporting the development of the ecological industry. The administrative committee of Jinyang New District will formulate and publish periodically “Directory of key industries to be supported and developed in Jinyang New District”. For those ecological industry projects listed the directory such as the modern service industry, headquarters economy and the logistics industry, the basic land price of their land used for construction and development will be bid, auctioned and listed according to the basic land price of the land used for industry; the office building purchased or rented by them can be offered certain subsidies.

  26. Establishing supporting funds for industrial development. The special funds totaling 150 million yuan used to support the key industry projects in Jinyang New District will be appropriated by the local fiscal departments of Jinyang New District every year. This policy will not change in the period of five years.

  27. Improving the investment environment. As far as the enterprises in Jinyang New District are concerned, any union or department cannot freely enforce such activities as examining, competition, charging and fining without the approval of the administrative committee of Jinyang New District, except the legal inspection from such departments as those of national security, discipline, administration of justice and environmental protection.

  28.  Encouraging commercial real estate development. All the enterprises of commercial real estate development in Jinyang New District, which also register and pay tax, can be offered prize of which the starting and ending points can be calculated according to the time when open sale is achieved and tax is produced.

  29. Promoting the quality of city construction in Jinyang New District. For the approved housing land in Jinyang New District, the proportion of three types of housing (affordable housing, cheaply-rented housing and middle/low-cost ordinary commodity housing of medium/small-size) can be balanced in the whole city.

  30. Encouraging the purchase of flats in Jinyang New District. From January 1st of 2009 to December 31st of 2010, the collective purchase of commodity flats in Jinyang New District can be given certain flat-purchasing subsidies after confirmation. The specific confirming standards and detailed rules for implementation will be formulated by the administrative committee of Jinyang New District.

  31. Accelerating the circulation of housing in Jinyang New District. The related policies and regulations which can benefit the circulation of housing in Jinyang New District will be discussed and formulated as soon as possible by the city bureau of housing safeguard and property management and the Working Committee of Administrative Committee of Jinyang New District.

  X. Improving the Administrative Capability and Perfecting Coordinating Mechanism

  32. Improving the capacity of execution. The leading group’s discussing rules and decision-making procedures will be perfected, the decision-making procedures in the aspects of major events and the appointment of cadres will be regulated. Education and management will be strengthened, the quality of the cadres will be improved, and the executive ability of the cadres at various levels will be enhanced practically.

  33.  Implementing performance management and accountability system. The appraisal system of the target achievement in the aspects of the construction and development in Jinyang New District will be formulated, and the responsibility will be distributed into every level and post. Based on the public evaluation, the different kinds of work in the aspects of the construction and development in Jinyang New District will be comprehensively, objectively and fairly evaluated. The Party and administrative leader accounting system will be perfected according to the notice concerning publishing by CPC Guiyang Committee and Guiyang Municipal Government(No.38 CPC Guiyang Committee2008〕) . The responsibility system of administrative enforcement and the system of investigating faults will be enforced strictly.

  34. Building the defense of honest administration. The anti-corruption system with punishing and preventing corruption as the focus will be created and perfected. The anti-corruption education will be vigorously developed, and the awareness of being honest and self-discipline by the leading cadres will be enhanced. The unhealthy tendencies will be rectified, and all kinds of violation of laws and rules will be eliminated. The audit supervision will be strengthened. The management and supervision of such key fields as major projects, property transactions and government procurement will be strengthened.

  35. Perfecting the coordinating mechanism of construction and development in Jinyang New District. We will try hard to win support for and participation in the construction and development of Jinyang New District from relevant national and provincial departments, and shorten time spent on the approval of the projects taken in charge by relevant national and provincial departments. The key construction project and the industrial projects in Jinyang New District will be strived to be listed in the scope of the national and provincial key projects. The city-level departments will continue to support and facilitate fully the construction and development of Jinyang New District. The connection of Jinyang New District to the neighboring areas such as Mawangmiao Sanqiao area, Baiyun district, Qingzhen City, the hi-tech development zone and exploration in here will be speeded up. The reasonable mechanism of interest distribution will be established so as to form the composite force in the joint construction and to promote the harmonious and healthy development of various kinds of causes.  


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